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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada - more on mash and taking him out and Riam at 463 grams
Friday 28 Nov

Today is the end of a long 4 day weekend. Nothing idyllic happened as I was recovering from the bad bug that got me during the week.

It was also a terrifying week. As if it was not bad enough to see aftermaths of the financial tsunami caused by the greed and cupidity of bank top people not contended with their already fat paychecks, they wanted even fatter pay, more fatter bonuses, and created song and dances to do that and left us all to bail them out one way or other.

Then we seen raw hatred in Mumbai that manifested into needless and senseless deaths of innocent lives.

When we all are already living on borrowed time from the destruction of our planet life support systems and biosystems and global warming, there are still people who hungered for more millions to the millions that they have and thereby hemorraghing billions and trillions in financial meltdowns. With so little time left, people can have the hatred to indulge in widespread murders of innocents as well as themselves.

I wish to them some of my sense of humour that Yvonne had talked of me. A sense of humour that can make them take themselves that much less seriously, to smile and laugh with the rest of the world and to enjoy life rather than the taking of money or lives.

I wish to them the living with flighted parrot. Where a sense of humour is essential and can make the rest of their lives a lot more meaningful, and they less likely to cause hurt or harm to other people.

When the 2nd batch of mash was made, I so happily gave the first of that batch o Riamfada on last Saturday morning. I thought he would be happily bury his head in it to gobble that up. I was pained when he gave it a peck, and refused to have it. I threw that away, and was again faced with his refusal when I gave that to him on Sat afternoon. I thought he would be hungry enough by Sat evening to take that mash.

He did not. On Sunday morning when he refused the new mash, my resolve to be tough with Riamfada weakened. I took the remnants of batch 1 mash that I refrozen out to thaw. I also took out second bag of batch 2 mash to thaw thinking perhaps the thawing might have affected the taste such that he liked the thawed stuff.

I gave him second bag of thawed stuff, and was so reliefed to see that he ate and ate batch 2 mash. When I finished that bag 2 yesterday morning, I gave him the remnants of bag 1 which was not frozen and that he disliked earlier.

He ate with relish that first bag as well.

I thought back to the earlier days with Tinkerbell when I threw away batches and batches of mash made with some minor changes after a couple of times when she refused to eat the mash. To the greatest delight of cockroaches in the sewers that received those mash dumped there.

I felt rather stupid at all those waste.

The mash is good for the birds, and they will eat it , and love it after initial resistance.

So for that anonymous from Singapore asking me of what food for his/her cockatiels, the best food I can think of is the mash. This mash had been fed to cockatiels by other people too. In which case I suggest after the mash is made, run it through food blender to break up the larger beans and to mix that well. I did that for my shama before I added cat food for animal protein that shama needed. You should look at Yingshiong Mash.

I used to feed pellets to Tinkerbell as well as the mash and lots of other stuff. At the end, Tink was feed mash and lots of other stuff, but no pellets. I felt the mash to be so much better and more nutritious than commercial pellets and all the strange additives in it for that long shelf life.

So Singapore anonymous from Fluffy, go and do that mash as the best ever food for your birdies.

Another anonymous asked
"Shanlung, I'm curious about Riam flying and the weather there. It seems so tremendously hot most of the time - are there months in Oman when it's cool enough for Riam to eventually fly with a harness, the way Tink did with you?"

During the summer months, Oman is very hot. The day can be 45C in the shade and not that much better at night. So much so that you only can get a 'cold water' shower if you turn on the hot tap. Turning on the cold water will get you a shower from the water storage tank on top of the roof and will hit you at 44C++ even late at night. To the point you turn on 'hot' tap to cool down the water from the cold tap. Of course, you do not turn on the power to the hot water boiler. In which case, the water in that hot water boiler inside the apartment could then be cooled by the air-cond room to be cool.

In the winter which is now, morning temperature outside was 23C which is nice and cool enough. It was 18C a couple mornings ago. At noon, it got to 26 C.

If you read last couple of entries, I was already checking out some places to take Riamfada to when he is ready to be brought outside.

On Thursday, we checked out Yitti beach which turned out to be a nice natural beautiful beach that Riamfada will be taken to. On today, we went to Jebel Akhdar , the Green Mountains, about 2 hours drive away from our villa. Jebel Akhdar at 2000++ meters was just too cold for us to stay there long.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was dissappointed Riam got a distaste for the basket that I hoped to use as a perch for him. I set that aside at that time.

But as I wanted to take him with us outside, that basket perch became more important.

So on Wednesday, I tried him with that basket again. He refused to get on the handle, but after a couple of times, he got his feet on the side of the basket.

That was enough for me to work on. So when he got on the edge of the basket, I had a box of sunflower seeds to stick under his beak for him to eat and eat. I then use the target stick, to encourage him to take that couple of step to touch target. And he took a couple of steps along the edge of that basket, and a couple of steps more. He lost more and more of his fear for the basket. In a few minutes, he was at home on edge of basket. Then with 'touch target', I worked him up the handle.

The target of 'touch target' is so important as a lure as well as indicator to Riamfada.

That target was stuck to hanging perch, and he flew there to 'touch target'. I hold the target in hand and ask him to 'touch target' which required him to fly to me. Thats only the beginning.

And with him on that basket, I placed that basket on the weighing scale yesterday.

Riamfada and basket was 1148 grams
empty basket was 685 grams

Riamfada weight was 463 grams


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice




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