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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada Nov 19-24 , new mash, wobbly bars and filing of claws
Wed 19 Nov

I was running low on mash. After all, the first batch was made based on 1/4 cup portions. With 2nd last baggie defrosting and last baggie in freezer, it was time to make next batch of mash.

The first batch was made in hurry when Riamfada just got to me and I saw the stuff that the bird shops in Muscat were flogging off as parrot food. The cereals that I used were hurriedly bought off the shelf of supermarkets, all highly refined, and not the brown stuff.

Since the first making of mash, my wife located an organic shop at Al Masa Mall, Shatti Al Qurum. So last night, 200 grams each of brown rice, short grain and glutinous, brown barley, brown wheat and brown oats were bought. Much better and higher quality than I and my wife ever dreamed of eating ourselves.

Then we went to have a dinner. With Joe and Tilly, at the best and tastiest mutton sharwama restaurant I ever had from Riyadh, to Dubai and now in Muscat. That was at that little coffee shop beside the petrol station up on the hill beyond Madinat Sultan Qaboos. Two sharwama would normally be sufficient. But that was so good that greed overcame me and only 4 satisfied me.

When we got back home, the soaking of beans and stuff started, with planned cooking of mash on Friday evening.

Then I went in to say hi to Riamfada. The sequence started. And when I presented the filer and cued him 'toe toe', he gripped the nail filer with his foot. And repeated that again and again on cue. He overcame his distaste for that filer. I was happy. I could put up with his sharp claws for a little while longer as I knew I would be able to file his claws later. I did not wish to rush him and risked putting him off from the claw filing process.

Thursday 20 Nov

Got some photos and videos of training sequences

video doing a handshake


video a high five


video a come & go sequence. I normally do recall by asking Riam to come, and then get him to return to bar with a 'go'. Since those were so short, my wife asked me to combine that together. Riam readily understood that, and here is a combined coming and going.

I later modified that to a go & come. Riam flew to the bar and then flew back to me. But have not got that videoed by wife as yet.


above is video of Riamfada finally on the wobbly perch I construct for him. It took a few days before he got and stayed on it. He would lightly step up and then he would fly off almost immediately. I felt wobbly perch will be very good for his balance and muscle tone and I persisted until he liked it. There is another wobbly perch in his room too


hanging upside down from his wobbly perch


closeup of the needle sharpness of his claws


catties allowed in with Riam as he is on high wobbly perch. Above my head level. He did not get more uppity because of height. Dominance based on height is such a stupid concept often repeated by people trying to show that they 'know'. They do not realised how ridiculous they make themselves. Perch above head level make more commonsense to me as I need not worry about banging my head on that perch.


Riamfada taken to lower level to be familiar to kitties.

I felt sorry the 'toe toe' video sequence were missed out. It would have been good to see Riamfada curling his toes on that nail filer when cued.
But this was overtaken by events

Then my wife and I went to check out Al Khouad. I was surprised by a friend telling us that they saw dragon flies and little fishes at this place in pools of water. I had not recalled any rain falling for the last 5 months. We were also on look out for nice places to take Riamfada to.

We went there to see a falaj (traditional irrigation drain) with beautiful sweet water swiftly flowing. Some of it must have seeped out , and with natural small springs, there were pools of water, and dragon flies , and fishes.

Later on that day, we went to Fanjah. I was delighted to see the oasis as it was. Folks were washing cloths, kids were swimming in it, and little fishes. The overflow of this oasis was channeled into an open falaj.

Unlike what I saw in Saudi Arabia. The ground water was pumped out so aggressively that former open pools at the surface disappeared as water table were lowered 30 meters.

I just checked my wife photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/shimmertje/

She had not uploaded the photos she took yet.

In the evening, the red beans and green beans and black beans were soaked and washed.

Fri 21 Nov

We went to Sawadi Beach Resort with Paul and Mari-angel.

This was 45 mins from where we stayed. Not as nice as the Turtle Beach Resort but that was 3 hours drive away.

Tonight was the cook out for the mash with all those new lovely brown organic grains.


I have a bad cold. So bad that I would not have gone to office except that the monthly report had got to be done. That monthly report was done


rheadabovewater had commented in earlier entry that she had to use towel in consolation to my earlier difficulties in doing Riamfada claws. I feel sorry to rheadabovewater to write what happened today.

Woke up too sick to go to office. I thought I was going to keel over.
At any rate, my portion of the work was completed yesterday.

It was only later on in the morning I recovered somewhat. When I took Riam to living room, I found I left the nail filer in his room the other night. He chewed that very much. I figured that if he was spooked by nail filer, he was no longer spooked by that if he chewed that up. And he did do that 'toe toe' by gripping that filer when I cued him.

So I hold his claws, placed that chewed up nail filer under the claw. And I filed his claw. It was that easy, no towelling, no complaining from Riamfada. I just say toe toe and file away. Pausing now and then to offer him a sunflower seed. His sharp sharp claws were now a thing of the past.


video of Riamfada claws being filed


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice




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