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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada - claw filing
I had thought it would be so ridiculously simple to file Riamfada's claws.

I worked out those sequences in my mind, and in my mind, it went so well. That I even thought that being so simple, it would not be worthy of a report.

But it was not that way in real life.

We had a simple dinner in Al Seeb village last night. That was the night of 18th Nov, Oman National Day. We had known that there would be a firework at Rose Garden at Qurum. On the way back from work, I had to negotiate a snarl up of traffic as roads were cut for the Oman National day celebrations. Much as I liked fireworks, the thought of going all the way to Qurum in traffic jams was too tiring.

But after dinner, on the drive back home on the coastal road, we could see burst of lights and fireworks in the distant horizon. I pulled the car off the road and watched the tail end of that fireworks. That would have been 25-30 km away, but we were separated from Qurum by a bay, and by legislation, no high rise buildings were allowed in Muscat. So that fireworks could be seen, even if it looked small because of the distance. But that was lovely.

Then back home, I took out Riamfada to the living room.

He was so good, going through the sequences with me. He did handshake and high five so nicely. I thought I would introduce the nail filer, and asked him to do handshake and so get him used to it. Then after a few handshakes, I would file his claws.

All went well until I took out that nail filer , offered it and cued 'hand shake'. He looked at me in the eye as if what do I think I was doing?

As I moved that filer to him, he moved his claw and himself away. He showed no bloody way would he handshake that thingy. After a few futile attempts to move it to him with him moving off, I changed tack.

He did not want handshake, so no handshake.

I tried to tap his toes with the filer. He as quickly moved his toes away. He hopped from top bar to bottom bar and bottom bar to top bar.

I think he had his toes filed before as he recognised that and disliked that filer.

I tried that again this morning.

He partly relented and beaked that filer. He allowed me to touch his toes to 'touch toe' and was clicked and treated. I played it as a game with him.

This afternoon during lunch break, he allowed me to touch his toes with the filer for longer periods, and with massive unprincipled bribery on my part.

I beamed good thoughts to him. Visions of him with filed claws and me so happy that his claws no longer hurt me inspired those good thoughts.

I will find out later if those were wishful thinking or not.


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