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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada - socialising
I got back for lunch yesterday , Sunday, to be greeted by dear wife just after she read my last entry on Riam thumbing his nose at me among other things. Dear wife graduated with honors in English and she would write in grammatically correct and impacable sentences. She lectured me that I was wrong in the title I used. "Parrots have no noses" , "Only nostrils" , "beaks etc etc" .

I deadpan to her ' Dear, neither do they have thumbs, so how should I change that title? '

She gave me a miffed snort in reply. I smiled, delighted to know that my barb went home as otherwise, she would be giving me another long lecture on semantics of words.

A reader pointed out to me that in the last posting, Chiquin mentioned in passing he toweled his grey. I did not even see that word towel as I was fixated on the salvation he offered me on Dremel tools. And if I seen that, I thought that was a joke from Chiquin.

Thats because whatever you want to do with your parrot, it best be done with their total agreement and acceptance. Towelling to enforce what you want must be last resort of the very last resort.

Greys are so intelligent and remembered things so well. You recalled how miffed Tink was at me with that trick I pulled on her pretending to give her headrubs and then stuffing her into harness. That she forgave me only when I apologised 5 days later. I never will use towel to restrain a bird. Repercussion and the price to pay later on will be just too great.

I still hope to get Dremel here. But failing that, I be getting manicure set with nail filer.

With clicker, I will get Riam to play a game of touching that file with his toe, of liking that file to touch his toe.

And then I will file his toes.

You all can expect a detail report of that in due time, be it of success or failure. :-) But I expect success. I was also told by a reader that toe filing is a 2 man job. But I am the only man here, and I got ten thumbs, so wish me luck.

So on that Friday morning after all the shower curtains and beaded curtains went up, Riam was brought back into the living room.

No more bare glass windows for her anymore. I felt sorry he showed reluctance for that wonderful piece of driftwood I tied to the ceiling for another of his perch. That drifwood perch was just above top of my head. I had no wish of bumping my head on that perch.

And obviously to you all, I did not subscribe that height placement would make a parrot uppity. I had this email exchange long ago with this guy who said when he tried to get his parrot (wingclipped) back from the boing, the higher he went , the more the parrot resisted and therefore height placement made parrot uppity. I told him the more he backed his parrot, be it in corner of room or up and up on the boing, the more the parrot will resist and not because the parrot went higher.

I never had any problems in getting any bird to come to me and go into the cage. Riam always knew when I was taking him to his cage , or back to his room. I always had his full cooperation.

I felt sorry we had time for Riam only in that morning of Friday. He was placed back into his room.

The American Women's Guid was having a Christmas bazaar in the Shangrila Barr Al Jissah Resort in the afternoon, and my wife wanted to go, and we were to meet some friends there. Thats a really lovely part of Muscat to be in.

I was dragged kicking and screaming by my wife to that 6 star hotel Al Husn, part of this 3 hotels complex. The beauty of the reflecting pools set in Arabic architecture was so stunning my mouth dropped. Wow! So if I won that 100 million dollar sweepstake, I could signed myself here but not for the next 6 months which were booked solid. Nice to know so many folks won that sweepstake and qued up to stay here.

Then after I walked my wife to that bazaar, she let me off to wander around as she knew I did not like shopping or hanging around her as she shopped.

So I sat about near the beach, enjoying the 25C temperature, the view and ambience. I did not know 2 lovely ladies were walking my way until they tripped right on top of me. Lovely Erica and Christinia were there too.

Then I was joined by Paul who was left to wander by his wife Marie Angel who shopped with my wife till they dropped.

We had our dinner in Blue Marlin, a restaurant in marina near Muscat Public Aquarium. I tried to get into this Aquarium 5-6 times already but it was never opened. I remained optimistic one day I would catch this aquarium open and I would find out whats in it.

Perhaps we ordered the wrong food from BM. The Thai beef curry got a total thumbs down from me.

On Saturday, the next day, my wife was taking Aly to show her the real souq in Al Seeb village. In the summer when it was very warm, souqs opened only in evening. Being winter, she thought the souq might open during the afternoon as well.

She was wrong.

So Aly came with my wife to our house. And said hi to Riamfada. My wife told me he was so nice and polite to Aly. No lunging and no biting.

I welcomed that. I believe it is important to socialise the parrot, to expose him to more people. I thought of this as hopefully a way to reconcile Riamfada to my wife. Later on, we will be taking Riamfada outside with us and will meet even more people.

Aly offering Riamfada sunflower seed in his cage in his room.

In the evening, we went to Turkish Palace Restaurant near the Marks & Spencer at Al Hail.

Jacques called us the other day that he had a Moroccan colleaque Fouard with his wife Anna from Wuhan, China and lived in our neighbourhood. Anna spoke little English and Arabic and loved to meet us to converse in Chinese.

So there we were that evening, me and my wife, Jacques, Aly and Bob and Fouard and Anna. Notwithstanding the red tide, we ordered fish and seafood on the dubious assurances of the restaurant owner. And Anna could converse with my wife and myself in Chinese that delighted her.

Of course the food was delicious. Paid for by Jacques against our insistence the bill be split.

Bob was interested in martial arts, with a 2nd Dan in karate. He complained he could not find that section I got in Tinkerbell webpage on my involvement in martial arts. I told him I was no longer good in MA. My meeting with Tinkerbell, and the time spend on her, put paid to that chapter in my life. But folks who followed me from beginning knew I mentioned martial arts now and then in my earlier letters.

If you folks have an interest in Martial Arts too, you can see some of my martial arts background in

That was in the main webpage, but a bit obscured.

After the dinner, I and my wife drove over to Fouard's place nearby where we lived. And they then came over.

Riamfada greeted them in his room. The kitties were kicked out of the house and we all went to the living room.

Fouard could whistle very well. Riamfada had no problem with talking and whistling with strangers. Unlike Tinkerbell who very seldom spoke with strangers around, other than when we were all on the motorbike.

So Fouard and Riam had a whistling duet together. Riam went though with me all that we had done in front of the two of them. And then he remained so nice and polite in their hands. No lunging and no biting. Just stuffing himself with the sunflower seeds offered by Fouard and Anna.




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