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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Raimfada - stroking him all over
I wrote of how I feed Riamfada with good nutritious mash prior to training. As equal with equal, I just cannot want to force him to me because he is hungry, and compel him to act from hunger.

For what he liked, it is a different matter.

From time to time, he tried to assert himself and grip on the sunflower seed treat container to stuff and stuff himself. Since I knew he was not doing that in fear of dying of hunger, I had no qualms at all in wrestling that treat container away from his claws.

It is necessary that one should not bend over backwards in any relationship/friendship be it among humans or nonhumans. Not if you want a long term good relationship.

On the 3rd Nov, I had an important meeting around noon. So I did not get back to Riamfada until evening. Wife went off to see Mamma Mia movie and was roaming in Muscat for whole day with new and old friends.

I got back late afternoon. But decided to upgrade the parallel bars. My Man Friday that come over 2 mornings/week to keep things clean and organised assembled the 2nd set of parallel bars. I undid all the ropey tieing to cover the stainless steel bars with cloth prior to rewinding ropes on them.

Riamfada loved that now. One set will remain in her room and the other in the living room.

Week passed so quickly that Monday weekly dinner with friends came. So I went off at 730pm to Bellapais restaurant near the clock tower roundabout to be with the same party on that Turkish House Restaurant night.

Bellapais was a Greek Cypriot restaurant. Ambience and food just excellent. And after feasting and drinking, it came to 12 OR a head.

I felt sorry for Riamfada that so little time spend with her on Monday. Meeting and feasting and doing dem bars up ate into the time.

Still, he had his abbreviated training session.

In addition to conditioning clicker, that click was introduced into some of the routines we did before. The stepping up and the recalls.

None of the training were pure training. Sometimes, he would not step up to bars. He whimpered, and crap walk slowly up my arm. With head low and feathers puffed.

He was asking for affection and headrubs.

I am a lousy trainer. I could not force him to 'train'. I had to give him his headrubs and say nice things to him. And still do that click and treat to condition that clicker.

I not only stroke his head and neck. I stroked his back. I stroked his wings. I stroked under his wings. I stroked him on the stomach.

Those of you who know me knew why I was doing all that. That was in precursor to getting him into harness. To do that, your parrot must allow you to touch him all over. So I am making him like me stroke and touch him all over. Why not? He felt good and I felt good and its good bonding too.

After a bit of that, he would do things as cued. I made my heart happy whenever he did things that I cued.

I like to think he did things I asked him to do because he knew he made me happy and he liked to make me happy.

Here is a thread I was recently on that you might find interesting.

It started with this question whether male or female CAGs are more suited to be taken outdoors. Then I found hits into Tinkerbell site originated from this thread that I then went in.



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