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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada loves shower
I got him to step up onto the stick perch and brought him to the shower yesterday. I acted as it was lots of fun. I turned on the shower and hold him just outside the spray of water. As I moved his body slowly into the spray, he edged himself out of the spray of water onto my hand.

I then lessen the volume of water and adjusted that warmer to about body temperature. I moved him into the spray slowly and out again a few times while talking to him.

I noticed he stopped trying to get out of the water. Perhaps this was the first time he had a bath. Not many people realised how important the bath is to a parrot and a grey in particular. Tinkerbell liked bathing, to a large extent. She would squarked and complained. But she never flew off.


testing water temp


taking shower


enjoying shower


fromm the left


from the right


from the top

Riamfada could easily have flown off if he was not happy. Too often, I seen him moving away from my wife trying to get him to step up. And when she tried too hard, he would just up and fly away from her.

He seemed to enjoy that spray onto his head, opening and closing his beak. I removed the shower head to turn it upside down so I could spray the water against the flow of his feathers to reach his skin. I shook that spray head so the water went through the feathers and massaged against his skin.

I took him back to the parallel bar in the living room. As I neared the bar, he took off in a spray of water drops as he flapped the couple of meters to the bar. I was sure he did that very deliberately. He knew I would have taken him to bar to step up, but he chose to fly and shed the water off.

Riamfada had a very early night on Friday.

He was moved back to his room as we wanted to check out a park nearby that we heard about. Saw a horse drawm carriage taking people around the park and we took a ride at 500 paiso a head for me and my wife.

I normally switched the light on in his room which remain lighted until we got back to him when we got back normally after dinner.

I forgot to switch on the light. It got dark early as winter is approaching.
When we got back after dinner at that wonderful Turkish Palace Restaurant, it was very dark. I knew she would be sleeping and we let her sleep on.


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