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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada - I think he is male
More and more, I feel my earlier thoughts that Riamfada is male is correct.
He is not bitchy like Tink for one. Then in the head rubs that he liked, I could clearly feel bony projections from his head behind the ears. Very much unlike Tinkerbell.

I am not sure if the vet here is able to do DNA analysis which will settle that issue.

Others have written in to me, publicly and privately that they felt Riamfada to be male. Riamfada is a male entity, and thats why I thought of the name at the beginning.

So in meantime until DNA testing, and unless I get another flood of letters that Riamfada is a girl, I revert back to my original thoughts that Riamfada is a male, and a very good boy.

Since he showed he love the mash, I wanted him now to love the mash to its every bit. In the past, I gave him lots at a time, He then pick and chose. I now give him smaller portions. And he ate every bit of it.

In an earlier report, I said he seemed to veer off and that the asymmetrical wing clip affect him.

I was wrong.

On Wednesday night, me and my wife arranged for a bunch of friends to have dinner at this simple roadside dining place , Ocean Restaurant , in Al Ghoubra just next to Oman Oil petrol station and diagonally opposite the Automatic restaurant on the 18th November Street nearby Chedi.

We first got to know Ocean when I wanted a quick bite and bought sharwama there after filling up at petrol station. That sharwama was good enough for us to try that again. We then noticed they have this chicken roaster at the corner at 1.5 OR a roasted chicken. Back home, we found that chicken to be shockingly good. Next time we were there, we grapped their menu. And found that they have French Onion soup, a favourite of mine to my disbelieve. So I ordered that in addition to other dishes.

It was such a nice surprise that the soup was very good, and so was the sea food chowder soup at 600 paiso.

So we wanted to promote this delightful place to my wife friends as well as to introduce them to each other, who happened to be staying in Al Ghoubra and who had not known of this place. That was why Erica, an American on Fulbright scholarship and her friend, Christiana, Joesensei (of Omanforum) and wife Tilly and baby son Joshua were all there that night to taste French Onion soup as well as other dishes. We shared our dishes so we could try more varieties.

The soup was not as nice as the earlier times, but notwithstadning that, all felt the soup was great. The other dishes were wonderful too.

We had fruit juices and at the end of the meal, the cost to us was 2.5 OR each.

We got home eventually. In the past prior to Riam joining us, we had not eaten out so often. But he seemed to have given energy to me to do all that. Oh yes, we wanted to buy a blender for Riam to blend cherry tomatates, bananas, carrots, mango into a slush to slop over his mash.

But the eating and talking went on and on and shops closed when we left.

Reaching home, Riam bars were taken to living room. He step up and taken there for usual bonding exercises for a while. Then when he was to be moved back to his room, he took off from the bars, flew through the dining room, and landed back on top of his cage in his room.

He flew very well.

With his time with us, he was beginning to assert himself.

It is very important that we are equals. He cannot be allowed to lord over me. As friends OF EQUAL STANDING, there must be certain amount behaviour to expect.

Since he was pushing that boundary, I had to push back to let him know what is accepted so he will not be spoiled. He took to flying to me uncalled. And when he did so, I put my hand to intercept him. He landed on hand and I twist my hand to redirect him in flight to where he started.

That happened a few times. He then realised I was ready for him when I called. He did not seem offended, and did his thing , preening away.

He stop stepping up on my wife, hand or stick. He only would do so when I was next to my wife.

Yesterday, we bought that blender, powerful enough to crush ice so I can have my slushie when it is not being used for Riamfada.

He is in his cage, wheeled out to living room on that hostess trolley. As soon as I send this out, he will be let out onto the bars.


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