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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

feasting for the soul
The coming of Riamfada added so much energy into me. That nowdays, I be out of bed early in morning. So in addition to dropping in to see her and to bring her fresh mash, the role of feeding the kitties fell to me.

Kitties are mercenary, and I suspect they cared not who feed them. Since I was out of bed before wife, they harassed me incessantly with figure of eights around my ankle. From the time I got up, to the time I brushed my teeth and boil water for coffee, to making coffee, they do not let up until I gave them their kibbles.

My wife pointed out the dinner drive to Golden Oryx was not just a drive to that restaurant. That was originally meant to be another drive for Riamfada. We were looking for a ball of twine, normal cotton or hemp twine that seemed to be replaced by plastics. There was this 600 paiso shop (1000 paiso to 1 OR) or your 1 dollar shop that she felt might have that ball of twine. That was in Ruwi district, the same district as Golden Oryx.

But after the dinner, we were so satiated with good food, and we wanted to be back, and tired, we decided against looking for that 600 p shop and that twine.

Last night was yet another good dinner night. We checked out the "Turkish House Restaurant" in Madinat highly recommended for seafood with four close friends of ours here. That friendship started when I left that apartment with a bag of kitty kibbles (that was before I even got my kitties) and while waiting for the lift, found my new Irish neighbour Paul with carrying left over chicken. We found we were going to feed the stray cats, and from that starting, became good friends. Paul was eventually joined by his wife Marie-Angel. Tim, another Irish guy, was Paul's good local friend and who became our friend. Jacques M, was my former boss in Riyadh days, and who was working in Muscat offering me a job. I declined his offer but we remained as good friends.

We all earlier decided dinner (lunch or breakfast for that matter) should not just be filling of stomach, but also a feasting for the soul. And the best way to that will be to have good food in company of friends.

So thats why we were in this restaurant last night. The starters of hot Turkish bread with different humous, the delicious grilled prawns, the deep fried calamari rings, and that excellent grilled fish made that evening so delightful.

Regretfully, we declined the offer from Tim that we adjourned to his apartment for drinks. We have to go back to be with our little girl.

They all knew of Riamfada of course. I told them that hopefully, in a month time, I would be able to take her with us to enjoy food and company with them all like Tinkerbell.

It was late when we got back. I decided that only the bars be rolled into the living room, with Riamfada on it. I took also the rattan basket that is her table perch.

By this time, her getting onto my hands became very established. No need at all to use stick to warm her up like the earlier days.

Recall flights to me were kept at short distance, never over 3 meters. I noticed on flights longer than that, she started veering off because of her asymmetrical clipped wings. I hope her moult will be soon.

She started to show clear preference to me. Earlier on, she accepted step ups from me or my wife equally. She seemed to listen to me now and kind of snub my poor wife. She told me she did not mind it that much as Riamfada allowed headrubs from her, something that Tinkerbell very rarely allowed my wife to do.


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