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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada on hand
moccasinlanding in last entry compared me to that BirdWhisperer of Tsaoling that I wrote about and said I was as much a whisperer as he is.

For those of you that had not known of that remarkable gentlman of Tsaoling, a remote hamlet of Taiwan, do read of him here in the extract of an earlier entry.


The letters on that bird whisperer of Tsaoling are below in chronological order. They are all in Part 1 - Early Period of Tinkerbell.


The visits covered a period of time as can be seen from the date of the letters. You can see in between the 2nd and 3rd visits the additions to the birds of that bird whisperer.

He, that bird whisperer of Tsaoling, is the man that inspired me the most.

If you have time to read just one entry, read that tsaolingrevist. The embarrasment I had when I realised I was looking to the West to see a sunrise was nothing in comparision to the embarrasment I had when I meet Birdwhisperer in this report.


If you read through that, you might understand I felt embarassed to be compared to that guy. He left his windows and doors opened so his birds can go to the garden to shit, and they came flying and running back to him at his call to play with him. I need to clean the shit of Tinkerbell, Yingshiong and Riamfada and must remain paranoid of open windows and doors that they might fly out in.

Sadly, I am no comparison to Mr Lin of Tsaoling.

What I did was to respect my charges with the dignity due to sentient beings and offer love and friendship as equals. You do that, and you will get the same result as I do.

I was told that your charge be hungry. So presumably if you do not get results you wanted, they should be made hungrier?

I felt that is not position of equality that made them come to you and like you but hunger for food. You note that Riamfada food bowl is always filled with mash. Yingshiong food bowl always had food in it. Needless to say with Tinkerbell, that was the same.

What I hold back and used as treats to them were food that they liked, but they were never that hungry to begin with. And as I had written earlier, they would fly to me regardless of how my wife tried to shamelessly bribe waving favourite treats at them to fly to her.

On Sunday 26 Oct, I was back home for lunch break. She did not step up on my hand yet. Sometimes, she would put one foot on my hand, but hold back from stepping up. In the step-up exercises, at times one of her feet was on my hand holding the stick. I earlier said that I would give her time to get used to me and accept of her own accord my hand to step up on.

I thought perhaps she was hesitant, but should I meet her halfway and try to persuade her all the way? Was I too much in forcing that issue with her to step on my hand? There was always this uncertainty as I tried my best never to force her.

I took a deep breath. I hold the stick such that my finger laid on top with a bit of stick space too small for her. At my step up cue, she placed on foot on my finger and took a step to stand with other foot on the stick to my praises and treats. I then slowly pull the balance of the stick into my hand, and she was on my hand with both feet. She trembled a bit. I kept whispering sweet nothings to her while feeding her sunflower seeds and walking about in her flight room. To reassure her that all is well. That she would not dissappear into a black hole when she stood on my hand. I then got her to step on the bar stand. I hold my hand, and at my cue, she got up on my hand. I repeated those exercises. I stood back and asked her to come.

She flew off the bar and landed on my hand to lots of treats. That was done again a few times. I called my wife into the flight room. Riam would not step on her hand. But would step on the branch hold by her.

I felt we gotten over that hand barrier.

When I got back after work, she would not step on hand again. But I knew that the ice was broken. I used that stick as warm-up to step up and recall.
Then when I gave my hand to step up, she did so. And in the recall flights to my arm as well.

In one of the photo of flight, you can see clearly the clipped part of one wing.



In this photo, she came up to the shoulder herselfr


You can clearly see her clipped on one wing.

We were about to leave her room. To my surprise, she flew to me and out of the opened door. This lead to the dining room , with an open door that lead to the living room and the sliding door opened.

Luckily there were a few turns to make that she did not. I was too complacent and I should have known better. But she was so meek the last few days I lowered my guard. She landed on the dining room floor. By that time, Joy closed that door to living room. She did not step up on hand, or on stick. She took off, turned around and flew back to her own room. I got her back into her cage and locked up the room.

In a way, I was happy. That she was feisty and obviously a character thats not awed by me.

We then had to go for dinner. My wife suggested Golden Oryx in Ruwi. This was a Chinese/Thai restaurant. I had been to a few in Muscat that I would not return to, and we had not tried this place.

I was pretty annoyed when we got there an hour later through a crawl of traffic. I told her this would be the last time we would go there.

But I did not reckoned with the quality of food, the ambience and services that we got. The dimsum was ok. But the duck in plum sauce and the lamb in garlic and spring onions were so good that they could compared with some of the better restaurants in Taipei and Hongkong.

They were so good that I forgot my handphone there that I had to retrieve the next day. Part of the reason why this report is a day late. But stayers in that 2nd bedroom of ours, you be warned you will be taken to this restaurant as well.

When we got back, Riamfada was wheeled out to the living room. She did her exercises with me. To the gaze of the watchful kitties shut out by glass sliding door. This public display of Riamfada and me to them would be essential to let them know she is family. She was placed on top of her cage to do her thing. I was on sofa watching TV. I was pleased when she took off on her own accord, circled the room and landed on table in front of me. She stood up on my hand, and got her headrubs.

The next day, on Monday, nothing eventful. But I felt this honeymoon period with her might be ending soon. Just a gut feel.

That might be wishful thinking. A Riamfada with character and will of her own is much better than a Riamfada who does everything I asked of her. She might turn out to be a bitchy hoyden as well.

Oh, wouldn't that be luvly!


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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She loved Tinkerbell Mash now!

Today lunch break I went back and saw she ate substantial portion of the mash given this morning.

Love of the mash was not at first sight or first bite.

Very frustrating when I did that mash with care and love for this ungrateful bird. I mentioned earlier I got to stick sunflower seeds in the mash for her to take a bit of it.

Her salad was chopped up fine by me to induce her to get some mash on the beak.

Pine nuts were stuck into the mash.

I peeled a sugar plum that she loved and cut that to itsy tinsy bits and mixed in mash in front of her eyes.

Before I left back to office, I removed her morning mash to clean that out and placed a fresh portion of mash inside. She was on the parallel bars next to the cage when I walked into her room. As I went to the cage to stick that bowl of fresh mash into the holder, she walked from her bars to the cage and inside at the same time. Without me having to stick pine nuts, sunflower seeds and other stuff to bribe her to take the mash, she stuck her entire head into the bowl to gobble gobble gobble the mash up.


When I did the mash , I told myself if that ungrateful bird refused the mash, I will wring her neck!

I will not wring her neck now.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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