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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Visiting Tiki in Brisbane and end of Australian Chapter
Visiting Tiki in Brisbane

When I first came to Brisbane, Australia in Oct 06 for the job interview, Tiki invited me to drop over at her place as we got to know each other very well via a couple of parrot forums. I did not have the time then (http://shanlung.livejournal.com/65169.html).

And after I got here into Brisbane, one week after another went by. And with my time here ending soon, it was on Sun 2 Mar 08 that I finally met Tiki of Brisbane. With the navigating of my wife Joy, we eventually reached Tiki’s house. To be fair to Joy, the closure of a slip road on that Saturday nullified the directions and maps that she downloaded from the Internet. I then had to demonstrate to her how to make reasonable guesses. Perhaps we should have bought those GPS navigational widget but that would make driving in strange places so much more boring.

Tiki and her SO Ina warmly welcomed us. We walked in their home to see lots of evidence of their love of travel and countries that they been to. Drums, masks and ethnic carvings and stuff fascinated them as much as they fascinated me.

They lived with a flock of flighted tiels, princesses, conures and a quaker. They all seemed to live happily together in a flight room when they were not liberated into the house. Tiki explained to me the birds have a kind of informal pecking order.

They were liberated that afternoon. After a few minutes of hesitation at my presence, the conures became more friendly and accepting of me and Joy. The princesses were more shy. Then even the tiels decided we were no threat and nice enough folks to fly to us.

As with Australian houses, they have a big backyard. Tiki told me they prefer to have the flock in the house. Then they can enjoy their birds at home living with them intimately together rather than separate should the flock be kept in a bigger aviary in the backyard.

The photos of this visit can be seen in my wife Flickr folder

Visiting Tiki in Brisbane
My wife did not get the names right and the extract from Tiki's email to me
will give you the correct names

P1060777-Tiki, male and father of Maui, Manea, Rangi, Shaka, Tattoo and Rima
P1060776-Tiki-as above
P1060772-rear Tattoo, front-Rangi both boys
P1060771 as above
P1060762-Tiki-you were correct!
P1060753-Tiki again, the little camera hog!
P1060803-Rangi-boy and Manea-girl

When I decided to work and live in Brisbane, it was also with the thought that we may settle down here as well. Brisbane is a beautiful place but we decided it will not be our home.

I accepted an offer to work and live in the Middle East once more.

My work here will end by end of March and we fly to Singapore in early April.

We will fly to Taiwan mid April for a couple of weeks to see friends and Tinkerbell.

Then in early May, I will be in Middle East and start another chapter in life.

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