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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

23 Dec - The meeting with Tinkerbell
We caught the 10am High Speed Train from Taipei and reached Chiayi at 1130am. I was working on this project and it was gratifying to finally see the final outcome today. In the past, that train ride to Chiayi would have taken 7-8 hours.

Mr Yu and family and Tinkerbell was there to greet and pick us up. Yu related that Tink knew I was coming to see her today and was extremely agitated the whole morning and during the ride to pick us up. Tink was on her ring in the car, bowed her head with semi closed eyes when I asked her if I could give her headrubs. She then jumped off from her ring to my shoulder. I thought that was so good of her. Until she started to chew off the buttons of my shirt as if there was no tomorrow. I guess the good shirt I wore joined the other chewed up Tinkerbell shirts I had.

I knew I could not stay in the chinese SanWengNahs (24 hour saunas ) as I did in the past as my wife was with me this time. We planned to stay in motel nearby. Yu insisted so strongly that we stayed with him that any disagreement on my part would be very offensive to his hospitality.

When we reached his house, I took off Tink harness. At first she flew to a high door sill to preen a bit. Then a few minutes later, she flew of her own accord to my shoulder. Accepted head rubs and then she had another go at my shirt buttons.

Continued later as I am just so tired now at 11pm

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Continuation of 23 Dec - Halftail story
Continuation of 23 Dec

reported now at 25 Dec midnight.

Wu then related Halftail to me.

You seen how beautiful Halftail was when I visited Taiwan in Nov 06.

He and his whole family adored Halftail. Wu's daughter was the closest to that beautiful cat.

Halftail had her own cat door for her to come and go. HT even had her cat window as well. She would leave the house after lovingly greeting all of them to do her own thing. But she would be back again in late morning and would come promptly when called. HT was well known in that neighbourhood. She was good with all that knew her and would shy away from strangers.

Then in June 07, she did not come back from her lunch. Wu's daughter raised the alarm and went searching and calling for HT. To be joined by the rest of the Wu's family and half the neighbourhood who missed her. HT was never found.

That was the only consolation they had, that Halftail was not ran over by car or bike.

They concluded that some #$%&$@#(*& catnapped Halftail breaking their hearts. They only hope that Halftail will be loved and cared for by whichever low life that taken her

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Continuation of 23 Dec and on Zorro last week of life
continued on 24 Dec evening

23 Dec 07

I had brought with me old Tinkerbell shirts, with 4 buttons chewed off and shirt collar half chewed away. I had to wear the good shirt now with two buttons chewed away. But with Tink flying to me unprompted and landing on my shoulder, she could chew the shirt off my back.

But we were going out again with Yu family up to Shi's friend house up by the side of Alishan Mountain once more. He has a fruit farm and it was orange picking time. The Wu's (who took in Halftail ) and Shi's (of Zorro) had been there earlier helping to take in the oranges. My wife joined in and I did my best to help which was to stay out of the way. Tink did what she did best which was to squarwk in between her preening. Tink just did not like to talk with company in the past and she did not change now.

Evening came swiftly and dinner came out together with lychee wine.

I then got to understand the complete picture of Zorro my ferret. I understood Chinese, in that I could gather 50 percent of whats spoken. This time, with my wife who could understand 100 percent Chinese, I got the complete picture.

I related in the last time I came here in Nov 2006 that Zorro died. I spend more time in consoling Shi than listening to what he said.

He was extremely attached to Zorro. And Zorro was also attached very much to Shi. Zorro's cage was always opened. Zorro would always come to Shi when called and would climb up and cuddle on his lap. That was already the case for a long time.

Then in Zorro's last week, Shi noticed that Zorro was even more affectionate, coming more promptly and reluctant to leave his lap. Shi was worried that Zorro did not eat and he specially bought durian to tempt Zorro as that was his favourite.

Then when Shi came back home in the evening, Zorro did not come when called. He was then found in his cage, teeth clamped on a bar and dead. Shi was devastated. Shi felt the last week of Zorro was especially sweet, as if Zorro knew his time was ending soon and gave as much of his love as he could.

Zorro was buried in a place in Shi's factory ground, next to where his favourite dog was laid. Shi said that was so that those two can play together. Shi then arranged for last rites for Zorro. So that Zorro can have
as good an after-life as possible and never shall be in want of anything.

I felt good that Shi loved and looked after Zorro so well. I felt happy that Zorro at least had a much better time with Shi then he had with me. Zorro was my first companion when I came to Taiwan again for that round. Zorro was loved by me and I always felt sorry for him taking 2nd place with Halftail as Tink was so fiercely jealous of me spending my time with them.

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