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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Saturday with old friend at YMS mountain
The entire saturday was spend with my oldest and very good friend ChengHung (CH for short) and his family.

As related earlier, he drove down from ChongLi with wife and his two kids to pick me and Joy towards YangMingShan mountain just next to Taipei.

I used to spend many days just riding around YMS, a massive mountain and ancient volcano enjoying the nooks and gardens and corners years before during my first stay in Taiwan in early 1990s. After the initial confusion of the new built up areas at the foot of the mountain, those old memories all rushed back. I might not remember the names of those at work meetings a month ago, but those mountain roads and memories of those happy times seemed indelible to me. I was able to predict the places that we would be passing to CH disbelief. But as we went on, it was clear to him and wife my memories were more reliable than theirs.

I told them that when I was working and living in South Korea and at a hotspring there, there was this Korean who struck up a conversation with me and who was so proud of the hotsprings in S Korea and that they had so many hotsprings there to go to. I had to tell him of YangMingshan and the myriads of hotsprings there. That YMS , big as it was, was just a tiny fraction of 1 percent of Taiwan. And considering any quadrant of YMS, be it the North , South, East or West, had more hotsprings than the whole of South Korea. That Korean was miffed by what I said and did not want to talk to me any more.

We spend a couple of hour climbing up the path towards ChiXingShan (7 Stars Mountain)next to the steaming fumaroles at HsiaoYuKeng http://www.ymsnp.gov.tw/HTML/ENG/04tourist/tou_a01_main.asp?sn=7 to get ourselves tired with aching muscles. So we could then spend a couple more hours in a hotspring to recover.

Then a drive over to Keelung for an absolutely wonderful seafood dinner.

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