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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

First day back in Taipei
We got up early even if not as early as we wanted to.

The morning was dark and grey and gloomy looking. But that was more a description of the sky. Not the feeling of the heart. Taiwan had this incredible hold on both me and my wife hearts. Even before the coming of Tinkerbell into our lives, we just love the beauty of this country and the incredible warmth of the people here.

Despite the complimentary breakfast, we had to go out to take our favourite breakfast of salty bean curds and the hsiao lung tang pau ' small dragon soup dumplings' at this old stall near where we lived. Photos and description of that in the last report of Tinkerbell Interlude.

We have many very good friends. It will be quite unforgivable not to see them this time when we were back. As we do have until 13 Jan when we have to fly back, Tinkerbell should not begrudge us a few days.

After breakfast, we went to Kuofu Chinian Guan or Sunyatsen Memorial hall to see my old martial masters doing their taichichuan training. Then we went to the Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world (or maybe the second tallest now). This was being built when I was working in an office block next to it. In the photos of Tinkerbell semi free flights, you could catch glimpse of 101 during that construction phase in 2002.

We then got a local SIM card and called Yu. That we be taking the High Speed train (that I was part of the construction team then) and will be in Chiayi on morning of Sunday. That the Saturday will be spend with a very good friend Chen Hung that I called Lone Ranger in the past

continue later as this is saturday now and we must be getting ready to be with ChenHung in 5 minutes time

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Continued at 10pm 23 Dec after we reached Chiayi and Tinkerbell - and from Yu's home having being persuaded by them to stay there with them.

Lunch on Friday was at one of our favourite restaurant, Forever Thai at Fushing North Road near junction with Mingsheng East road. One of the best Thai restuarant we ever been to including restuarants in Thailand and Hongkong. If ever you are in Taipei, give yourself a treat by coming here.

Then we had to take the MRT to Tamshui. There is this blind masseur Mr Cheng with the most fabulous of hands. Though I had not seen him for 5 years, he remembered me by the few words I spoke requesting for him. When he laid hands on my feet, he remarked again I lost weight and other very accurate remarks of my state of health from the last time. All friends that I refered to him with serious problems such as bad back came back to me with glowing accounts how magical was his massage giving them relief that was not found from expensive medical hospitals.

The day ended with dinner Anna ( who arranged the handover of that parrot tower from Maria to us way back when we were with Tinkerbell in Taipei) and who became very good friends that I wrote about and her visit to us in Chiayi before we left Taiwan.

We had dinner at this shabu shabu place in ChiLin North Road. I will give the address later in case you are fortunate enough to be in Taipei and want to go to a very very good shabu shabu restuarant. The lamb here is out of this world.

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