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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

First night back in Taiwan
After an eight hour flight from Brisbane, we touched down in Taiwan Chiang Kai Shek air port at 5 45 pm 20 Dec 07.

When I moved to Brisbane from Saudi Arabia, this was what we planned for, that the three of us could be together again.

Unlike the two earlier trips when I came back alone, my wife was with me this time. Tink is her daughter as much as mine.

We then took the bus to Taipei and checked into a hotel that we used to stay in before in the past whenever we went to Taipei from Chiayi city. We are creatures of habit.

The hotel was Hope City Hotel at Pateh Lu Section 4 near the Sungshan Railway station.
This hotel is one of those so called 'love hotel' with outrageous decor and jacuzzi for legal or illegal trysts.

We then walked to the nearby Lor Her Jia night market. An exuberant arrangement of little stalls selling all kinds of stuff and local food. Snacks of all smells and tastes that we yearned for to feast away.

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