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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Yingshiong Goodbye
Now is Wednesday.

The handover of Yingshiong to Jurong Bird Park on Monday went well. It is still difficult for me to write much at this stage.

I am lucky in that I flew out of Singapore Monday evening. My wife had to stay on in
the apartment for a few more weeks. She told me the next day the silence without Yingshiong singing away was painful. She had a lot of reminders from the food bowls and toys. I knew that already from the Monday afternoon before I left.

A close friend of 30 years was in some personal difficulties. Helping him to deal with that took lot of emotional energy from me.

I still had to upload the last few photos taken of YS. A more complete report
will be written later. Bear with me for a while.

(editted to add below link on 15 April 2008)
Shama Yingshiong - Final Closure

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