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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

YS farewell , 2nd day friday morning
The huge aviary of my friend BK. I wrote of my visit
to BK in

photos of BK aviary

Jurong Bird Park -Premier Bird Park in the world

Above give you better details


My wife will join me in Brisbane within a month from now.

This is why we need to part with YS. Can you imaginine YS to be in a tiny
22 inch diameter cage again ? That is the size of cage that others think are
huge for shamas.

Its painful, very painful even if not of that magnitude of Tinkerbell.

I do not think I dare to have another bird, soft or hook bill again.
What I do will be to try to make friends with birds in garden when I
move to a new lease and I have a garden.

Will try to clicker train wild birds and see if bonding be made. Might
be pied magpies, rainbow loris or 2s. Hopefully a black redtail 2s as
they are huge and beautiful.

Then if I have to leave again, no worries of their future as we met as
friends and can part as friends. And in that case, I need not clean
their shit as they can jolly well shit in garden and play with me.

But back to YS.

He woke me with the belting of his songs. Ivan got locked up to let YS out.

YS got over his funk and forgave me. At first recall cue, he flew to me, hover
over my finger as if making his mind to land or not before touching down and singing
softly to me. He was allowed a few millis before flying back to the top of the table fan.

I gave him recall to shoulder cue that he did immediatly. Back and forth, from short to intermediate, he did all that while softly singing away.

I then opened the cricket box for him to go help himself shutting him up in his flight room.

Ivan was with me since Hongkong in 1995. Even if he aint got wings and bill, he is too much of us and deserve time with me too. He jumped on PC table and needed to be push aside so I can see the screen.

In a while, he will be back into his room for YS to be out with me.

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