November 16th, 2006

Tinkerbell Interlude photoset and videos, and start of next chapter of life

Tinkerbell Interlude photoset and videos, and start of next chapter of life

Hello to all my friends around the world,

The last couple of days were spend in collating the photographs and videos
taken during the Tinkerbell Interlude, a period from 1st November to 8th November
when I was in Taiwan to be with Tinkerbell again.

I sort the photos to cover the day by day with Tinkerbell.

The Livejournal entries now have the appropriate photos in them that
better illustrate some of the events I wrote about. The videos are
also embedded in the Livejournal entries.

You find that in

Tinkerbell flights were very weak at the beginning. Yu treated her
too well, taking delicacies and tea to her. As a result, she hardly
had to fly. She never made recall flights to him for a long time. That
led to him not trying to let her fly. That was a sad spiralling circle.
It took me just one morning to put right in my "Retraining the trainer".

Tinkerbell needed to be reminded of the joy of flying, and given the chance
to fly again. In the videos at Chiayi Park Confucious temple, you can hear
clearly the heavy landings she made on me, none of those feather soft landings
of before.

It was only a week later, that I trusted her with longer flights at BanTienYen.
Look at the video where she flew at me, circled off with the leash screaming from
the reel and her breaking off and returning to me.

The photosets can be seen here.

You can also see the videos here.

You should see that from bottom up starting from Confucious temple flights.

Why I went to Taiwan for this short holiday can be told now.
When I left Saudi Arabia, I went to Brisbane Australia and accepted a 4 year contract
to work and live there. I came back to Singapore to do the paper work to get that work
visa for Australia. I knew my time frame will be short. So I had to see Tinkerbell
when I could.

It was lucky that I did so. Yesterday, I received news that the visas for me and my wife Joy
were granted. I hoped to start there early next year. That company then wanted me over asap.
We compromised in that I fly over to Brisbane on 26th November starting 27th November 2006.

My wife will remain in Singapore for a few months until the work and company find us mutually agreeable
for that long term. Then she will fly over and live with me in Australia.

This started when I was working and living in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. Then I read this BBC article
in June about the Russian tundra melting. We knew that would happen. But I thought that to be a consequence
of global warming. That article then described the CO2 and methane trapped in the past to be coming
out now. So instead of the permafrost melting as a consequence, that might well be a timebomb giving
us even less time in a world and society that we know.

I rather enjoy life with my wife NOW, than to make lots of money in Riyadh for a future rather uncertain.
There were other reasons, but my preference is to enjoy the time that is left to me and my wife. Working and living
in Brisbane Australia will be much better than in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia even if the pay is less.

Perhaps, what I wrote ten years back might make interesting reading for you.

I will not argue if you think differently. In fact, I hoped you are right, for the sake of my son
and your children, that we will have a lot more time in the future. If true leaders are found and all
of us ready and able to accept the drastic changes in our current lifestyles. Rather difficult isnt it?

That bring up what will happen to Yingshiong should and when my wife joins me in Australia.
You note that I deliberately had to fly back to Singapore from Taiwan as my wife flew to UK
to see her nieces.

By the way, Yingshiong is in the PC room with me. He flew in to join me as I wrote this rather long letter.
If I ignored him too long, he would hover over my head. So I do a few recalls for the chance to treat him
with millis.

I love YS too, even if not at the level at the soul as that with Tinkerbell.

Should me and my wife cannot look after YS, I will not allow YS to be back into a round cage.
I had discussed with Taufik with the various possibilities and he agreed with me.

Yingshiong might go into the Jurong Bird Park in the waterfall aviary. This is the largest walk-in aviary
in the world. I have had discussions with the highest level and given an in-principle approval for Yingshiong.
There are 4 resident male shamas there and one or two females among lots of other birds. It will
be a life and death struggle for Yingshiong. But I think YS is a prime 4-5 years old. I believe he will fight
and be dominant or at least carve out a space for himself.

So if anyone go there in future, you might be hearing Yingshiong singing up in the canopy of trees.

My friend BK offered Yingshiong a permanent place in his huge aviary, and beautiful shama wife for him too.
But no one other than me , BK, and a few of his friends will ever hear Yingshiong again. He will be safe there,
pampered for the rest of his life.

Another option will be to release Yingshiong back into the appropriate forest. This might have the risk that he
is unable to integrate back into nature or capture by other people to be kept in a cage again.

It is yet too early to decide now.

Warmest regards



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

If you liked the photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, most of those photos were taken by Joy with my camera.

For even more photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, you should check out Joy's other folders in

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