November 14th, 2006

BK Aviary

In the process of collating Tinkerbell Interlude
photos, I came across this collection taken in March
2005 with my old camera when I saw my friend BK just
prior to leaving for Riyadh.

The Flickr URL is here


The huge aviary of my friend BK. I wrote of my visit
to BK in

when I was enroute to Riyadh. Just how big this aviary
is , I do not know. You see and judge for yourself.
Camera could capture only bits and pieces of this
aviary. The aviary kind of 'wrap around his

This was nearly the home for Yingshiong . If both me
and my wife Joy are not in Singapore to care for YS,
this may be his home. BK promised in that case, he
will find a nice wife for Yingshiong too. Taufik
nicely agreed to this in lieu of earlier agreement
that YS go back to him if we were no longer in

Warmest regards


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