November 5th, 2006

Tinkerbell Interlude -

Tinkerbell Interlude -

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My sleep debt is building up at an alarming rate.
You can see the time as of start of this entry. About 15 mins wasted
earlier because livejournal was crawling.

Dinner party at a related temple was partial cause. Then karoke to 1230am
in Wu's factory brought me to this time. Tink waited for me and came
out of her bookcase bed the moment we reached Yu place and turned on a soft light.

I could not rush out without giving her the head rub she requested by bending her head.

Livejournal took 2 mins to save at this point. I suffered enough anguish when chunks
of writings disappeared without that saving making me save religiously every few sentences.
But if the slowness persist, I need to give up in this entry and try the next day.

This is really sad. It took 2-3 mins to save again.

I like so much to write of Tink today but I need to get to Yu at 8am in the morning
to go with him and kids to Alishan mountains, needless to say with Tink as well.

Which meant thats lots to record even just for myself of the time here. And this entry
of Tink today cannot be written at this kind of speed from LJ. Yahoo and other sites were fine.

If the next saving is going to take 2-3 mins, I would have to give up.




If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

If you liked the photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, most of those photos were taken by Joy with my camera.

For even more photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, you should check out Joy's other folders in

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Tinkerbell Interlude - Things left unsaid yesterday and the big spook today

Tinkerbell Interlude - Things left unsaid yesterday and the big spook today

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I am now here seriously bloated from yet another temple festive dinner. But amazingly, quite
early as the only karoke was at the dinner ground from a mobile karoke stage. A small lorry
pulled up next to the tables and transmogrified into a karoke stage in front of my eyes. At
other times of temple festive dinners, a bigger truck might pulled up to change itself into a pole
dance stage with pole dancers. The gods in the temples are amply entertained with the
guests. But tonight as with some nights, it was karoke.

But back to yesterday, or was it early this morning. Livejournal behaved better , much
better so I could type this now and at least try to write what I wanted to write yesterday
and that of today.

With the sky looking uncertain yesterday, I spend the better part of the morning trying to get
SanSiang and MeiMei into English world of internet. So I thought I introduced them to typing
tutor, a wonderful program from DOS days to teach you touch typing after I warned them about
dangers of virus and trojan horses. A search got me to so many typingtutor programmes.

I downloaded one but found it was nothing like what I had known. Since the operating
system of Yu's PC was in chinese, I could not figure out how to delete that programme.
Then a virus shield beeped and told us a virus was detected and luckily, neutralised.

Opps that must have been the work of stupid me. Glad that virus catcher caught it.

With that and other things, 2 hours disappeared that morning while Tink waited quietly for
me to be done with that. No regrets on the time I spend with the kids. I was building
a foundation for them to slowly be active and feed me and all of us with Tink when I
am no longer in Taiwan, which will be in a few days time.

They now knew how to download photos from digital camera into the PC.

And I pressed on them to accept one of the two digi cameras I brought with me. They had
an old film camera, part of Tink dowry. But with the digi camera, I hoped we all will
get more of Tink later.

With time getting shorter, that limited where I could go for the day with Tink. So I decided
to get back to Confucious temple in Chiayi park. We had been there just the day before. But
with an uncertain looking sky, I thought that temple was a better bet. But really it mattered
so little where we went as we were together again.


That temple was set on a raised platform with concrete railings supported by balustrades periodically.
The balustrades extend about 2-3 feet about the railing. I set down by the temple front pillar and placed
Tink on the ground next to me on her reel perch. A flight of steps separated us from the platform, good to
dangle your legs down to swing about.


I enjoyed my icy orange slush looking at Tink slowly stretching herself on the perch and raising her
wings about. Then she eyed the top of the balustrades on the other side of that flight of steps. Her
line was earlier released to give her free play of 5 meters or so as standard precaution to enable her
to fly from 4 legged dangers. She took off and flew slowly up, circled the top of balustrade before landing
down. She looked peaceful, and was there to stretch and preen releasing a minor snow storm of fluffy
feathers. I was happy for her to be up there so naturally. She was in the sun and I suspected more
than before I came on this trip. I was nicely in the shade.

In a while, she flew down to me, gave the call signal for water and I poured some water for her
into the bottle cap to offer her. She dip her beak in that cap and then looked resolutely away.
I followed her beak with that cap of water for her to hold my finger firmly in her beak and then push
that finger away. She then called for water again.

Ouch! It hit me that she wanted orange. I made a big show for her refilling that cap a quarter full
of orange juice and then topping it with water. As I placed it below her beak, she hold it, dragged it
to where she wanted it to be, and drank and drank and drank. Did not even say thank you to me after that.
She flew back to top of her balustrade to preen herself.

She was such a forceful girl leaving no doubt as to what she wanted.

I finished my procrastinating, loaded cameras with fresh batteries, and thought some recalls should be done.
I thought of the wonderful recalls done yesterday. The first few recalls with her were great, with almost
mind to mind conections as of the 3rd. Then I thought of getting sequential shots and videos of her flights
to me. Holding a camera and focusing it on her while doing recalls at same time was not easy.
She was not happy, with me focusing on camera focus and pointing while mechanically giving her recall cues.
I did get some series of shots. Then I realised I lost that wonderful mental connection with her. She was
more intent on looking around, ignoring me, refusing to do eye contact with me.

Recall of Tinkerbell at Confucious temple

Another recall of Tinkerbell at Confucious temple

She put a stop to my nonsense with cameras by taking off , heading away from me and onto that earlier
balustrade to do her preening. I showed my wisdom and decided a break was in order for me to continue
with my icy orange drink and then to take photos of her preening away. Something must be said for the benefit
of having cameras with flat batteries as on that 3rd.

But I could not get my mind of the photos and tried again after a while. But with her turning away, looking
away, with wings quivering while heading away as I called sweet things to Tink while focusing my camera, I knew
I was going to get into deep shit if I persisted.

Deep insdie, I knew she was right. I should just focus on her.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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So this morning I was dragged out of bed in quiet sleeping cubicles at 7am, eventually reaching
Yu's house at 8 am.

The Shi and Wu and other families on the temple committe decided to join this outing to Alishan
mountain on this bright sunny day with blue skies. We were going to the PurnChiHu hamlet that was
off ShiJaw. I never expected to be in his place again at least on this trip. I was very touched
by all of them in their easy way and the warmth given to me. You understand why I could not resist
karoke last night. How to say no to them? Would have been bloody uncouth of me! Even if I could
not sing their Taiwanese songs, it was great to be with all of them. Wu had this fantastic karoke
system with 10,000 taiwanes, chinese, japanese and a handful of english songs all computerised at
finger tips with a great song system and even greater friends.

It was a trip up to Alishan same as the many trips I been up with Joy. Except I could hardly recognise
the road up. You recalled all those times I rode my bike with Tink in front and Joy behind on the winding
roads. My eyes had to be kept in front with quick sneaks to the views. Being a passenger in a car, you can
truly see a lot more. It help too that the sky was clear and blue instead of the clouds and mists that
seemed to accompanied me and my wife and Tink on the trips we did up there before.

Learning my lessons from yesterday, I distributed the two cameras to the Yu kids. It was nice
going past ShiJaw [stone table] and I recollected the places the three of us stayed and the walks we had in the past as we drove pass into PengChiHu. The crowds there grew to a level beyond what I known in the past.

I saw photos in that hamlet of that deep snow fall that blanketed that place on 2005 Mar 05. Snow was never
known there at all. Not to talk about in March. I determined to enjoy myself more. The tundra and Siberian
permafrost melting is not just a mere consequence of global warming and CO2 bulid up. I did not realised
until I saw the BBC documentary a month back that the CO2 and methane trapped earlier in frozen permafrost
is now being released as the thaw continued. That now the melting tundra instead of being a mere consequence of
global warming is now a ticking timebomb while we all bicker with our nonsense about who is more purer and who is more holier and who is more righter. We go and blow each other up with belt bombs, car bombs, precisions
guided bombs and maybe a few nukes or too later on. Like quarreling about the choice of color for the walls of a house while the house is burning to the ground, like frogs swimming and fighting in a pot of water slowly brought to a boil.

Al Gore is an optimist with his 'An Inconvenient Truth' of knowledge
based in 2005 as compared to findings in mid 2006.

Like quarreling about the choice of color for th walls of a house while the house is burning to the ground,
like frogs swimming and fighting in a pot of water slowly brought to a boil.

Opps. sorry folks! Back to my blinkers and rose tinted glasses again. I promise not to bring that up again
until I forgot this promise I made here, as you know I forget now and then.

So with birds singing and bees humming and flowers opening in a beautiful world with blue skies, I continue with Tink and me.


With her on my shoulder and with the rest of the gang, we moved slowly through the crowds in PCH squeezed
in between the riotuous little shops selling specialities and trinkets and down through the hamlet to the forests.


That was so cool and green with tall straight tree trunks and moss covered boulders. A wooden path
led us down and down. All I had to do was to take care of Tink. The kids were told to shot what they
wanted with the cameras as long as some shots were made of Tink and me. Not as bad as Henry Ford who declared
in early 20th century his Model T will be in any colors the customers wanted as long as that color was black.

There were some quiet beautiful spots as against beautiful spots with lots of people. I did recalls with Tink
on a one to one basis with no cameras between the two of us. The kids became cameramen.



Chaotic recall scene at PengChiHu forest

Yes, that connection between Tink and I came back. I could just say I call and she came. But it was more than that.

Her earlier flights to me at the beginning of this trip had been clumsy with her landing on me with a thump.

Maybe out of malicious intent to me. Perhaps of her not taken out for flight as often as I liked her to. But then when she refused to respond to Yu recalls and was waited on hand to beak and fed and fed because the Yu
were worried frantic that she would starve. As a result she refused to eat dry food. She refused to eat mash. I wouldnt if I was her and fed succulent prawns and wonderful meat

The first trip I made back, you understood my reluctance and impossibility to impose any diet on her at all.

This trip I did. Enough for her to decide sunflower seeds were nice to take. And lightly cooked green
cabbages were nice. Sticky rice was wonderful. Dunno about parrot pellets yet. But I felt parrot pellets
would be a better bet than trying to get Yu to make Tink mash , keep that in proper way and feed in consistent
way to her. Pellets would be better than big prawns , chicken and meat, served hand to beak.

Most important of all, Yu family saw those changes and were delighted with those changes. I think Yu will
continued with that.

Her landings on me became more controlled too. She shat on me, chewed bigger hole in the collar of
a thick shirt already dedicated to her with a big hole in collar and bitten off buttons. That shirt
will draw sneers and snickers from 'polite' company. But do you think I cared? They can sue me!

The trip down the Alishan mountain had me sleeping all the way to the temple enabling a partial discharge
of sleep debt (even if time now is 1241 am at this point)

There was to be a temple dinner tonight and so Yu had his meeting with the rest of committee. I took
Tink down the road behind the temple to a quiet area to be with her. She chitter and chattered softly
to me. She was ready and I was ready. A couple easy recalls were made. I had rescued my old camera
from the kids and with a more practised hand, aimed the camera while focusing my mind with Tink.

She remained in mental touch and came to me on sweet recalls. It was so pleasing that in one of those recalls,
she did a U turn recall. That was the first on this trip. She flew to me, overshot slightly, and then turned
herself in air to face the direction she came from dropping lightly onto my shoulder.

Break was taken and I put that camera away.

I stood an easy 4 meters from her with no camera at all. I talked and with her quivering to get to me,
gave that cue for her to take off immediately to wing her way to me. She reached me and her toes were
touching my shoulder when she gave a loud scream. She spooked and she powered her way with explosive
beats of her wings around me back to where she came from. The line caught around my neck and she flew in
tightening loops until she was brought to my body.

I talked to calm her. Her wide open eyes and tightly drawn feathers around her head and her pantings burned
into my heart. It was a while before she stopped her trembling and quieten down. I then disentangled the
line coilded around me. That line and harness saved my Tinkerbell from a wild flight to god knows where.
Perhaps she might fly back to me. Perhaps I could recover her.

Have your parrot being trained and bonded to the level of Tink and me? Do your parrot come immediately on cue?
Tink was doing that. She came to me just like the videos of YS flying to me.

Was I frightened myself. I had no idea why she spooked or what caused her to spook.

Was I glad I prepared for the worse situation and not a ideal situation to hoped for in fantasy of
the mind.

I thought of those that sneered what I had done. They all can take a flying fuck at themselves.
They based their theories on fantasies they have or thought about and throwing brickbats and taking sniper
shots at me to discourage anyone else in doing what I have done. They are more righter,

So go ahead. Do what THEY say. When THEY never know how it was done or discount what I write because
it conflict with their pet theories. Make their day for THEM. It is only your grey that you can lose.
You will not even get a sorry from them, maybe more sniggers.

I probably would not be here now and writing this to you if I had not designed and use the harness and line on Tinkerbell.

Fuck them!

With Tink calmed, I moved us 20 meters away from that spot. I was not going to try that again at that same place.

I placed on on the railing and talked soft talk with her. Whatever it or that was, it was not around.
I called her from a short 2 meters. She came immediately to me for her head scritch, beak rubs and seeds.
Then from a further distance of 4 meters. Then we moved on nearer to temple for recalls. She was all normal.

We went back to the temple and that eventual dinner.




If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

If you liked the photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, most of those photos were taken by Joy with my camera.

For even more photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, you should check out Joy's other folders in

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