October 8th, 2006

new videos of Yingshiong

Hi folks,

Here are some more videos taken by my wife that she posted up on Youtube.

Shama gathering at Jurong East.

She came with me to the Friday shama gathering at Jurong East about 3 weeks ago. She took this video of
those shamas singing. They even had this female shama hung in a corner to get those male shamas to try to sing better.

I thought they would be singing better than what they did with so many of shamas there.

I went again to the shama gathering at Bishan on Wednesday night 4 nights back. There were more shamas at Bishan
than in Jurong East. But the performance was about the same.

Boy shamas meet girl shama


This is the first time my wife shot Yingshiong and me and posted onto Youtube.

Unlike photos where no sound is heard, you can see now the response of YS to recall cues given. The presence of my wife
affected YS response to me. He was not as sharp as when there were only the two of us.

There is also some problems with the camera Panasonic Lumix in the video mode. The synchronisation of sound is a bit
later than the images. You see/hear this especially in
Yingshiong recalls outside the flight room (short recall)

The response from Tinkerbell was about the same as what you seen in Yingshiong, except YS flew a lot faster.

Yingshiong does a recall in the flight room

Yingshiong recalls outside the flight room (short recall)


Recall taken from back(short recall)

The intermediate recall

Yingshiong intermediate recall II

When I decided YS is to go back into his flightroom so Ivan the cat can be out, I just signal with my hand
and tell YS ' go back'. You can see this sequence here, where YS flew back to his flight room and into his cage at my

Yingshiong flies back on command


Yingshiong sings almost all the time. He takes a break from about 2 pm to 3 pm. But if there are bird singing
from the TV (often switched on Animal planet/Nat Geo) YS will challenge those songs with his songs. Even into the
night time when he is asleep, he would wake up on hearing bird songs from TV to challenge those songs.

These series of YS doing territorial challenge came from a sustained continuous singing/territorial display from 1020 am until 1150am.

Sadly, his best song sequences were not captured. That occured during play back on camera of his songs, which then prompt him
to richer singing. By the time I got the camera to shoot video, he changed back to normal singing again.

YS is in midst of moulting now. His singing and display should be better after his moulting is completed.

This series shot on Oct 8 2006.

Yingshiong sings in the house

Yingshiong sings in the house II

Yingshiong sings in the house III
Warmest regards



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