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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Closing of Riyadh chapter
I am now in an Internet cafe about 10 mins walk from the apartment in Al Yamama, about 11 pm local time on Friday evening. My flight from here will be at 845pm tomorrow to Dubai and onwards to Singapore. My last hours in the office on Thursday where I shook hands with collegues and goodbyes said.

My waking ups were not all dependant on the kitties reminding me that the alarms went off during working days. Now and then, my inner alarm would go off and I woke a few minutes before 7:11am that I set my phone alarm to. With the pillow still on my head leaving a small gap to see the world by, I would see the kitties softly padding into the room just a minute before the alarm. One might leap up on the bed next to my pillow and sit there. The other would get to the dressing table next to the bed and just wait there.

The alarm would then go off. A few seconds later, they will jump on my chest to have a fight with each other. Inevitably, claws will be dug into me accelerating me out of the bed to turn off the alarm while they looked on with me with the most innocent of eyes as if they were not the slashing claws and twirling balls of fur just a while ago.

That was without fail. They would walk in a minute before the alarm, waited and then pounced on me. Their sense of time were uncanny as if they have this inner clock in their heads. There were no other time pieces in apartment or other signs of time and yet, they were always accurate.

On Fridays, when alarms were not set to go off, the magic time would be 830am. If I was not up by then, they carry out mock fights with me and my skin being collateral terrritory to dig claws into. Its been consistent for all the Fridays to date. Their food dish is kept full with kitty kibbles, so it was not because of hunger they woke me.

Kitties had not been given names by me since I came across them and rescued them 5 months ago. They were so small that I knew they would die had I not taken them in. I knew I might not be around for long, and I decided not to give them names to distant bonding with me.

They had been a delight to have. They would follow me about everywhere I go in the apartment, very playful and loving, taking in turn to sit or lie on my lap while I watched TV. Of course, as with all cats, they have their moments of madness in tearing up and down in frenzy and mock fights everyday.

In the afternoon when I got back to take a nap, they would burrow under the blanket to sleep.

Their continued care was troubling me regardless if I gave them names or not. I thought of writing an appeal to local Saudis who were reading of me in Arabian bird group to take in the kitties. Then I saw that the kitties had a rapport with the Bangladeshi B who was cleaning the apartment daily. He expressed a desire for the kitties. He looked after them for a week when I was back in Singapore.

Osama also stayed in the same apartment complex and the kitties would like to go to him too.

I decided the kitties will be well looked after in the compound by that Bangla with oversight from Osama. I bought about 600 SR worth of cat food and kibbles for the kitties.

I bought cat carrier cage 4 days ago to get the kitties used to it.

Instead of travelling about, I spend the last morning with the kitties. I even went for my lunch siesta to allow them to curl under the blanket with me for that last time.

I went out with Osama to pick up the outstanding stuff I needed as my car was returned to office on Thursday. We went to the zoo in Riyadh because it was one of the few green places to go into here.

Then we went back to the apartment, and at 7pm as arranged, the kitties were taken from me with all the stuff and toys.

I gave 200 SR to B. Originally I told him I give him 500 SR for the kitties. However, he knew I gave 400 SR to Osama to hold in trust. Osama will give him 200 SR at end of the month if the two kitties were still around. Then another 200 SR at end of next month if the kitties were around. I told him that I might be back again, with promise of hefty rewards from me to have that two back with me.

I would think by end of two months, the kitties would have gone nicely into B heart as well as to others. The two kitties had been very prominent, looking out at the world from the open window and greeted by others within the compound.

I think that the kitties will do as well as I could arrange for them at the closing of this chapter of my life in Riyadh.

Wish them well.

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