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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

A letter from FreeFlight and the latest photos of Tinkerbell
From: "shanlung9" <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu May 4, 2006 3:30am
Subject: Re: Flight Training- Tinkerbell and her latest photos

--- In Freeflight@yahoogroups.com, "Janet Jeanpierre"
<jajeanpierre@...> wrote:
> --- In Freeflight@yahoogroups.com, Robin Horemans
> <monster_quentin@> wrote:
> >
> > Why can't I learn what I need to know to fly my bird? Why can't
> find the information to "fix the leaky faucet"? Was Shanlung being
> foolhardy to fly before taking "THE course"? Was Mona at a
> disadvantage because she taught her birds to fly before finding
> list? (Sorry to single you guys out, I'm just at a loss for words
> right now). Serious questions.
> Hi Robin,
> It seems my first response to your post was lost in Yahoo
> cyberspace. Sorry if this is a duplicate.
> I know your post is in response to one I wrote, so please let me
> explicit on what I was trying to say.
> First of all, there is no reason you can't do this on your own. I
> did not mean to imply that you weren't doing a great job, in fact
> suspect you are--but I really don't know.
> Sorry to pick on Shanlung, but I do believe he was foolish to fly
> Tinkerbell when he first did. There were warnings given by the
> group and a lot of signs exhibited by Tinkerbell that suggested
> would not respond well outdoors. Shanlung chose to ignore the
> warnings or rationalize them away and spent days in anguish
> searching for his beloved Tinkerbell. His experience is why I
> be more vocal when I see things that make me uncomfortable.

Well well well!

Never was I ever the one to think I am clever. But one thing for
sure, I am glad that I did what I have done. And that included the
unscheduled duration of that free flight of Tinkerbell. That lead to
events and paths that I dreamed of and had wanted to do even before
Tinkerbell came into my life.

But to put record straight again. Prior to that day of freeflight,
Tinkerbell did her semi freeflights in big enclosed area.

There had been hiccups in the first semifreeflight, but only at the
beginning. Then it became a glorious exercise where all three of us
enjoyed ourselves beyound belief.

That was the first documented and disected semi freeflight in this
list in 2002.

Then that was followed up yet again with another fully documented
semi freeflight. No hiccups from the beginning. She came to me on
cue every time.

Tink had the freedom of home. She flew to named places and recalled
to me well enough given allowance for distraction from her other
determined pursuit in harassing HT and chewing buttons from my

I had not known that the nearby airport had this ultrasonic sound
blaster until I read that 5000 ducks died that year from shock
induced stress from that sound blaster. They even tried to lessen
the shock by playing music to the ducks which I wrote about in
my "playing music to the ducks"

That day had less than perfect visibility. On flying on that such a
day, I was guilty with the clarity of hindsight. I was more scathing
to myself in my "In Retrospect" than you and others ever can to me.

Tinkerbell was also attacked by a flock of pigeon size birds, the
wound on her head near the eye was photographed.

Whether any advice from anyone could have coped with that is moot.
I doubt anyone here knew of such things until I reported that.

The best training from Joe or anyone would not have prevented both
of that happening in succession.

Flying into a windmill, being hit by a car, taken down by a raptor
are all painful accidents that happened to the best of us.

I was lucky in that not only I got Tink back, but that lead to the
developement and use of harness that enabled her to be out with me
in environments none of you would have dared to take your fids out
in from dawn to dusk.

Most important of all, that episode lead us to the Yu family who is
looking after Tinkerbell for me now when I could not take her with

Yu family send to me a couple days ago of the latest photographs of
Tinkerbell taken on 23 Apr 06. Take a lot at her and her state of
health in

How many of you have parrots with that kind of ready mobility and
ability to join you in almost any kind of pursuit and activities.

If through cleverness that Tink did not fly away, I would not have
met Yu family.

And would not have known the fate of Tinkerbell now.

I rather take wisdom over cleverness anytime, even if a heavier
price must be paid.


Taoistic Idiot