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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Giving me a scare // finally that backrub on the fan

So when I opened that sliding door, the milli box was in my hand with YS sitting on the cage door perch. As that box was offered, my left hand stroked his back with me softly telling him ' back rubs are good, very good'.

When I moved away from his line of flight, he flew to his fan perch by the TV with more millis being offered. He grabbed one and flew to the top of cupboard as soon as my hand approached him. I remained stoic over his snub and went to get my breakfast as he watched me from the top of cupboard singing softly.

At 855, I went in to do the weighing. YS did not join me but that was as usual. He knew I need to set out the journal, uncover the scale, remove his MM bowl and do other weighings first.

So the MM was at 38.1 // milli at 23.5 // suri at 70.3

I called to YS to come to the scale. I was amazed he remained on top of the cupboard and did not fly over to me immediately. I went inside to call him and he flew to top of the door. I thought, oh well, he did not feel like it this morning. So I went back in to have another coffee and watched the news starting on the hour at 9am.

Now and then, I gave recall cues and was amazed that he did not respond or even turn his head to me. Even though he was softly singing, that never was an issue in the past. It was only when he did territorial singing that he would ignore me or millis.

He then flew to the Paddington bear on top of the TV. Not only was he still ignoring me, he stopped singing softly. His eyes were half closed and he fluffed his feathers out appearing like a golf ball. That was getting me worried, very worried, even more so when he did not even turn his head to look at me when I called his name. I walked over with the milli box to get no response. I thought of taking his photos to post immediately on the web and send SOS fo advice. I turned my head to look at his water bowl and went over in my mind if I did not wash out the Clorox that I used to sterilised that and his bath container.

You recalled yesterday he did not perform too well even if later he did. I was thinking if there was Vitamin deficiency and other ghastly thoughts. I was on the verge of calling Guru David for urgent advice with YS looking like a fat fluffy black and red golf ball.

Then he straightened his body and his neck and his feathers slicked themselves down. He stood up on Paddington Bear like a regal warrior in full prime with his tail at 45 degree up. He took off to fly over my head and circled back to the TV. He took off again to circle me and landed on the fan looking so alert at me. That was his signal to me the games was to start. His head clicked to me and his eyes bored down on me as I called his name, and he flew immediately to me on recall for his c n t. I tossed him back to the fan and his next recall was perfect.

I then went into the flight room with him following me. I pointed to the scale and he flew on it to be weighed at 32.1 gm

I moved to the main door and he snapped to attention with his name called, and flew to me on the word come.

That time was 935 am. So YS was doing his meditation, or listening to the news, or decided to be bloody minded just to aggravate me. The rest of the recalls went well. But at the fan, he refused to allow me to do his back rubs.

So I moved off to get more coffee, followed by him into the kitchen. I went back to the TV to be followed by him pretending to be a psychic limpet, staying within a couple of feet of me. I raised my hand to adjust my glasses to get him taking that as an excuse to fly to me.

I moved to the PC room and shortly after, the whirl of his wings announced his arrival on the fan. I walked over to him and he allowed me to give him backrubs while he ate the millis. Recalls were superb. But as I got more engrossed into the Internet announcing the failure at harnessing to various groups, he got bored and went to the bedroom to sing and sing. Since that was territorial singing, I was rather happy he took off to the bedroom.

At 1200pm he was at 32.8 with millis at 21.3 gm and time for Ivan to be out.

I was going to be out a large part of the afternoon. So from the kindness of my heart, I thought I should put some MM in for him. As I walked with the MM I took from the fridge, I saw him on the ground in the flight room with this fugitive look and flew off to his cage to look as innocent as a lamb. Then I saw he had overturned the milli box on the floor so the millis were crawling out of the airholes and that he was stuffing himself silly.

I retrieved those millis and found the weight was 19.0 gm. YS weight was unknown as he refused to fly to the scale.

You understand I decided to return the MM back into the fridge.

When I got back at 515 pm, YS was at 32.4 gm. He was attentive to all the cues. And to my nice surprise, he decided I could be trusted to give him back rubs when he was on the fan by the TV. While I felt rather good about that, I was also estimating in my mind when I would be able to get on to body squeezes and the harness again. I needed to get that on him just once, so he would know that was safe. Might be wishful thinking, but a guy can always hope for the best even if he might never get it.

At 7 pm, he was at 32.6 // milli at 18.2 // suri at 70.0


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

MM - mixed mash , from YSM 60%, Claus (food for insectivore birds)
20% and Sinlin 20% (local commercial food for shama)

YSM - Read "making of Yingshiong mash"

suri - Read "Conditioning clicker day 3 - and some tips on suris"

milli - read "Found the perfect treat and Yingshiong first "step up""

Yingshiong songs are in

She made more toys and took photos of those new toys for YS and the way YS was playing with them.

You can see that in folders

Yingshiong beady toys


The descriptions and captions of those photos will be lost if you use the slideshow, so it may be better if you see those photos one at a time.

If you liked the photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, most of those photos were taken by Joy with my camera.

For even more photos ot Tinkerbell and Taiwan, you should check out Joy's other folders in


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