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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Photos of backrubs and body squeeze

I checked the photos taken by my wife yesterday. Those phtos were not as good as I hoped for. But then, the subject matter was not that easy. I guess no matter which angle she could try to take from, my hand is larger than shama and would block the shots. So here are some shots of YS getting his back rubs and body squeeze yesterday.

YS getting backrub


YS getting backrub


The body squeeze



At 930 am, YS was at 33.0 gm. The MM was at 38.3 gm. With YS at 33.0, I decided not to add more MM and that bowl was replaced back into the cage. The milli was at 24.8 and the suris at 71.9 gm and the crickets at 29.6 gm.

We then went back into the living room. The short recalls were executed with flair. I really felt YS was doing this more for the fun of it rather than for the food as you could see from his morning weight. But of course, he chomped and chomped away at the millis.

He then flew to the corner of the cupboard nearest the door as I walked over there, no hovering alongside of me as I walked. Maybe he suspicious I do a slow walk like yesterday. He flew down at my cue, got this click and treat, and flew back to the fan as soon as I tossed him off. The intermediate was repeated a couple of times. One of which he flew back to me, hovered in front of me until I raised my hand and gave his cue upon which he landed on my finger.

Then as I walked to the kitchen door, he flew from the fan to overshot me and boomerang back to the fan again as if he was bored with my walking there. When the cue was given, he flew to me and landed on the finger. I raised the milli box for his just reward. I was amazed that he looked into the box, made no effort to pick any of the wriggly milli, stayed in that position for quite a while, and then flew back to the fan. If I had not weighed him, I would have thought he was sick and therefore not eating. But on next recall, he came as cued and ate the millis.

I then took a break to have coffee and ciggie and the news. YS flew to the fan and just watched me. To amuse himself, he launched himself towards me, flew past my head just below my ears, circled himself around my head and back to the fan. Then he flew overhead and perched on the lamp just behind me. As I walked to the fan, he landed on it in front of me. I offered the milli box to him and gave him his backrubs. As I moved into the body squeeze, he backed off and I decided to give that a break. If he was not in the mood for that, who was I to force that onto him.

Then I went to the PC room to do my things. In a while, he flew in and announced his arrival chair chair chair as if I did not knew he was there. In friendship, I got up and walked to him to offer the milli box for him to grab a few millis. On being left alone, he flew to the kitchen where I heard him singing away. Then his songs were coming from the bedroom and I made no move to him. Then he was back in the PC room and was given a suri. In a while he was off again to the bedroom. He was flying in and out using the PC room as a base. Now and then, he sang in the PC room as well, luckily not the full territorial blast.

At 1210 noon, he was at 33.9 and the milli down to 22.6 gm.

He was shut back in his flight room for Ivan's turn to be out. I decided to go for lunch and watch a movie. Staying at home would see his weight rising inevitably. I found it difficult to curb giving him goodies.

He was let back into the apartment when I returned at 445. By then he was still at 33.5 gm.

He relished being back into the apartment where he flew about to the door and circled in the dining area and around the ceiling lights. I started with a long recall to kitchen door and he flew to me with precision to his cues.

At 615, YS was at 34.0 gm. The milli was at 21.7 and the suri at 70.9 and the crickets all gone at 27.8 gm. I got rid of the little MM left and measured in 38.3 gm. I placed that bowl in after he slept so he could have it for his breakfast.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

MM - mixed mash , from YSM 60%, Claus (food for insectivore birds)
20% and Sinlin 20% (local commercial food for shama)

YSM - Read "making of Yingshiong mash"

suri - Read "Conditioning clicker day 3 - and some tips on suris"

milli - read "Found the perfect treat and Yingshiong first "step up""

Yingshiong songs are in

She made more toys and took photos of those new toys for YS and the way YS was playing with them.

You can see that in folders

Yingshiong beady toys


The descriptions and captions of those photos will be lost if you use the slideshow, so it may be better if you see those photos one at a time.

If you liked the photos of Tinkerbell and Taiwan, most of those photos were taken by Joy with my camera.

For even more photos ot Tinkerbell and Taiwan, you should check out Joy's other folders in


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