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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Singing more important than suris

Eviltofu asked "Can you upload a recording of the bird songs? :P"

I had been thinking of doing that for some time already. I got to warn I am a bit of a procrastinator. Also now with the taking of his weight down, even while he still sings well, he singing when he was heavier was richer and with greater intensity. This current lowering of his weight is temporary to help him break the ice.

Another reason is my PC sound card was built in the motherboard and was faulty. So when I stuck in a sound card to replace that, some conflict took place resulting in the death of any sound from the PC. If I cannot hear the sound, I am reluctant at uploading any recordings.

I should just get another PC to replace my state-of-art PC bought 5 years ago when I was working in South Korea. The thought of transfering files is painful and I kept pushing it to tomorrow what I should have done yesterday as befitting for any self respecting procrastinator.

Be assured that will be done, except I know only it would be eventually soon.

By waking up early, you get up even later as happened again this morning. Ivan called, and if you pushed him off the bed, he would call again. But by sitting up and standing, he thought his deed was done. I could not recall if YS was singing as I went back to the bed and got up much later.

So when every part of me, including my ears, woke up, I did not hear him. Looking at the time of 930 am, that was way after his normal territorial singing and perhaps in one of his lull period.

He was let in and he remained silent.

Then eventually at 10 am, he was weighed to be 30.2 gm. After I tied those pink ribbons to my fingers and specs, we went through the exercises so I could have a chance to feed him with millis and suris.

After a couple of short pure and shoulder recalls, I moved to the far recalls. He came, landed on a lamp between the fan perch and me, and then came on to me to get a click and suri.

I then moved to the PC room holding up the suri and milli boxes so YS had a good view of the succulent suris waiting him. I called him but he did not come immediately. But after 5 minutes or so, I could hear him with his whirl of wingbeats and I knew he landed on the fan behind me. You guys do not expect me to watch the door expectantly for him to arrive do you? I had better things to do on the internet.

I was quite pleased when he came to join me in the PC room. I did a couple of short recalls for suris. YS must be surprised that he was getting suris even for simple recalls. He then flew to top of bookshelf where he softly sang. When he was calling to me again, more recalls were done. Then I took him to the bed room and I went to the living room. Since he did not come out to me, I went to the bed room to see him. He was looking intently at me and so I gave him his recall cues not expecting that he would respond. To my horror, he flew to my finger. As I had not expected him to do recalls yet in the bedroom, I went there empty handed and had nothing to give YS. He sat on my finger, looked at me, then he softly scolded me with 'chair chair chair' which made me felt bloody rotten and then he flew off to top of cupboard. I rushed to get the milli and came back to hold the milli box high to him as a peace offering. Then he stepped on my finger to be walked to the living room.

At 11 30 am , YS was weighed at 31.1 gm.

I went through short recalls so to click and treat him. Then I got the target stick and he was flying from fan to touch target to get his click and treats. My wife thought of taking video of that and I directed her into the flight area to shot the two of us. The photos she had taken had the outside light through the balcony nuking shots of YS. So I thought photos taken from the flight area pointing to us in the comparatively darker living room should be better. Joy asked if YS might be frightened.

I thought with is weight just weighed at 31.1 gm, YS should be hungry enough to listen to cues so I reassured Joy that it would be ok.

I forgot to ask YS who did not share that view. He took off from the fan perch to land on top of the apartment main door. I reassured Joy that in a while, he would be back on the fan perch and flying to touch target when cued.

To my surprise YS remained on top of the apartment door. I waved millis and suris at him to get him to come to me. YS responded by settling himself on top of the door and singing away. I had expected him to be grovelling and wanting his millis and suris. The training I was doing was an excuse to feed him. Yet, there he was on top of the door belting out songs after songs, From territorial loud songs to intermediate vocalising without even a glance at me.

After my efforts to get his weight down, and worrying away if his weight was too low and he starving, there he was singing away. I could understand if he ignored me, but when YS thought his songs were more important than the suris and millis, I got confused.

Joy gave up and went off to do her things. I gave up and left the suris and millis and YS and his singing and went to do my things in the PC room.

And the thought that perhaps I would take YS weight even further down to the range of 29.0 gm to 31.0 gm.

We planned to go out for lunch and then to the gym. After that, I thought of going to the birdshops in the AngMokio area to look around and buy crickets. I had lots of baby and small crickets but they did not grow fast enough to replace the big succulent crickets YS was getting.

YS was weighed at 31.6 gm at 12 pm. I then weighed in fresh MM at 38.7 in case I came back too late.

In AMK, there was this coffee shop near the birdshops that a group of bird lovers from http://www.petsfanatics.com/ met every sunday afternoon with their hookbills . I read of their sunday meetings, but with my windsurfing and other stuff that crop up on sunday, I never got to meet them before. So my going to AMK was partly to get crickets and partly to say hello to them.

Most unfortunately I could not stay too long with them as I had to get back to YS before he slept. I did leave MM for him, but I liked to weigh him and I do not think he would approved if I woke him up just to weigh him.

By the time I got back it was 710pm and YS would be going to sleep soon. I was thirsty, but decided I get my drink after YS was taken care of first.

YS was at 31.3 gm. The MM bowl was at 37.9 indicating he took .8 gm. I had not expected YS weight to be that low as I thought his weight should be 31.6 gm.

I made him the free gifts of 3 nice succulent suris and got him to jump on the scale again. He was at 31.6 gm. Then as I bought loads of crickets already in the smb3/cricket box, I got him 4 big succulent crickets and he ate three of them. He had so much that he ignored my cues for him to get to the scale. Bloody ungrateful of him.

But it was getting dark, and I guessed he wanted to sleep more than to do things according to my bloody cues.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

MM - mixed mash , from YSM 60%, Claus (food for insectivore birds)
20% and Sinlin 20% (local commercial food for shama)

YSM - Read "making of Yingshiong mash"

suri - Read "Conditioning clicker day 3 - and some tips on suris"

milli - read "Found the perfect treat and Yingshiong first "step up""

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