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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

YS blackmailed my wife

YS was singing this morning until weighing. His MM was 38.1 gm. As reported yesterday, he ate most of the MM prior to sleeping. I gave him fresh MM at 38.4 gm. But I hold it back until after the exercises. YS was at 31.7 gm.

He did not seem very happy. There was this split second slowness from him even in the simple short recalls. I was not sure if it was his mood, or that he did not have much to eat in his breakfast.

Recalls at further distances, hovering recalls and shoulder recalls were still carried out by him, but again, with some slowness.

But since he was doing it, I continued with that.

I then decided to try hide and seek or recalls sight unseen. So when he was at the dining area, I moved my body out of his sight. I took care to show him the reward was a suri as I slow moved around the corner. He did not budge when I called. I came back into his view and slowly moved around but this time, my hand and suri was in sight even as my body was hidden. He did not come. It was only in full sight that he responded to my recall. So I decided to take a break and to place his MM back into the cage. He went in to eat some of that. I also gave him a cricket and left him alone.

He then came on shoulder later on to be walked into the PC room. He responded better.

He stayed around in the PC room as I did my own thing.

I then had a call from my friend CM to join him windsurfing. I thought that would be a good way to get out from YS. I was going to take his weight furhter down. Remaining with him at home would lead to exercises and that would led to giving treats to him.

At 1120, his MM was at 38.0 which I then topped up to 38.4 gm. YS was at 32.7 gm after I gave him a cricket.

I then left the apartment to go to the windsurfing center with CM. The afternoon was spend there. I deiiberately decided to get back at 730 pm by which time YS should be sleeping.

I got back to be greeted by my wife telling me that YS was very naughty to her.

In the afternoon, YS was making such a ruckus that my wife let him into the apartment. He called and called until Joy told him that I was out and he quieten down. Later he called and called until my wife came to living room when he then flew to the cricket holding box to call and call until Joy went to the flight room. He alternately looked at her and pecked the cricket holding box. Joy saw one cricket in there already stunned by me and semi paralysed. She was surprised when she opened that box, YS flew and snatched the cricket and ate it with one bite. Then he called and called and flew to my milli feeding box till Joy picked it and opened it. YS then gobbled the millis.

I smiled as I listened to all that. I deliberately left as I knew YS was capable of inflicting emotional blackmail on me that I would find difficult to resist. My wife was not able to resist that either.

Since YS was sleeping, I could not wake him up to be weighed.

The MM was at 37.9 gm. I topped that to 38.2 gm so YS will have something for breakfast when he wakes up.

I will find his weight then.

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Trying hard to get his weight down.

After waking up, I laid on the bed with my ears opened. Not that the ears can be closed anyway. YS was not singing. I hurried up to see if he keeled over and died. Instead, he was staring at me and flew in the moment I opened the door. I did say he periodically sing, meaning too that he periodically did not sing. As I was getting my breakfast, he sang again.

It was at 930 am that his MM was checked to be 37.9 gm. YS then flew down to the scale tipping it at 31.7 gm. I guess my wife really got bullied into stuffing him with millis and crickets yesterday as YS morning weight was 31.7 gm in that morning. I then threw the balance of MM into the milli which I should have done before. Those MM would reincarnate as juicy millis for YS.

Since YS weight was still high, I gave fresh MM at 38.3 gm but I set it aside until after the training.

His attitude and reaction to the cues were good, after the coffee sank into my head. I first tried a long recall, from fan to kitchen door. He refused to budge. Then I realised I forgot the warmups from shorter range. From short range ( 5 feet), his reaction to my cues were superb. I then moved to intermediate range (15-20 feet) such as from fan to main door. And then the further distnace from fan to kitchen door.

He got too familiar with the living room and dining area. That was both good and bad. Bad in the sense I could not get many long flights from him as in the past, he would fly back to his familiar fan perch after he was send off from me as I moved further and further from him. It was good in the sense he perched in perchable locations near to wherever I was and made recalls from there with short flights. Each bout lasted not more than 10 minutes. Some bouts lasted as long as the TV commercials. I trained short and often so the training remained interesting for both of us.

At 1040 am the MM was weighed to be 37,9 gm which I then topped up to 38.3 gm. YS was at 32.1 gm.

The millis , and the suris, and the crickets were all doing very well on the mash I made for them. I wished YS weight drop faster to 31.0 and used as the base. Then I could feed him more treats.

I harvested more suris and millis from smb2. They were crawling all over inside. I am glad they were not able to crawl up the walls of the plastic container I was using.

With a nice load of suris and millis, we did our exercises again.

I then tried to recall him sight unseen into the corridor leading to PC room. Again he refused. Even the suris did not tempt him enough. He came only when I was totally in sight. Partial sight of hand and suri was not enough. Then it struck me that he was not familiar with the corridor. Heck! he took more than a week to get used to living room, and more than a week to get used to PC room.

More exercises were done in the PC room. Then he was allowed to do his things. And he loved playing with the beady toys.

At 130 pm, the MM was at 38.1 and YS at 32.6 gm.

I then left for my lunch and I stayed out to avoid YS and the temptation to give him treats as I wanted to get his weight down.

At 630 pm, the MM was 38.0 that I topped up to 38.4 gm. I want his weight down, but I am reluctant to allow him to get too hungry. YS was at 32.3 gm

At 7 pm, I was curious what his weight was as he was eating away at the MM. The MM was at 38.2 gm and YS at 32.7 gm. I guessed the water he drank after eating the MM got his weight up.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


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