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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

YS choice of bed / fading out HIMB/ flighted recall in PC room

I mentioned before that YS used to sleep on the rope perch looking in at me. Then he changed to the power point cover. While I liked him looking in on me, I accepted his choice of bed and even took measures to ensure Ivan would not peek in on him when he was sleeping. Then a couple nights ago, I saw that position on the power point cover meant YS long tail rubbed against the mesh distorting the tail.

So I decided to discourage him from sleeping on that by pasting a stiff plastic on that cover to take away the kink so he could not get resting place. He frustrate me by still being able to sleep on that. Then yesterday, I removed that plastic as that was not working. I then stuck two pieces of chopstick at the ends of the cover to discourage him. I was shocked last night when he still insisted on sleeping on that power point cover.


Today, I thought create a comfortable place for him if he liked there and even used a piece of towel to give him a nice grip. That was a bit higher than the power point and further from the mesh. I thought I added another chopstick in the middle to make that power point cover even more uncomfortable so he would go to the new sleeping place.


And what did YS did this evening? That ungrateful creature went to the powerpoint to sleep, squeezing himself into the tiny tiny space between the chopsticks! ARGH!!!!

So this morning the MM was at 38.0 gm at 930 am. I got rid of the residue and added fresh MM at 38.5 gm. YS was at 32.2 gm . He was singing away through my breakfast until the time of weighing so I guessed he was feeling fine and not weak with starvation.

His recall exercises were like yesterday and spot on cues from me. I moved further from him and still got sharp response with millis. I was also doing hovering recalls. I would hold a milli with finger and he would come and hover and picked it off. As I was walking away and getting a milli to hold, he flew over, hovered there until I got the milli and he took it without saying please and thank you to me and went off to the fan.

I was a bit dissappointed he did not do those exuberant flights like yesterday.

As I moved even further from him to get a long recall, he decided to frustrate me by flying over and perching on a chair by the dining table. Shorter distance for him to fly to get that milli.

Later on as I did my things and watch the TV, he surprised me by flying over me to perch on that dining chair again. He stayed there for some time, using that as his new base to explore that part of the room.

In a later exercise, I recalled him to shoulder and walked slowly towards the PC room. Now and then, I gave him a milli to encourage and to reward him for staying on shoulder when I was walking. I got him into the PC room. No more Head In Milli Box trick on him. Perhaps I will be fading that HIMB if that's not necessary any more.

He flew off my shoulder to the fan in the PC room. I hold the milli to him. Then I backed off about two feet. I did a milli recall. He hesitated a bit, then he flew to my finger. The first recall in the PC room. He got his treat.
Then from finger, I got him to fly to shoulder. He got his treat of milli. I got him to fly to fan. I decided to be generous even though he was already flying in recall to milli. I took out the suri to get him to fly to me in recall for the suri, and then another suri before I twist my finger to 'throw' him to the fan while saying 'go to fan'.

I was not sure he knew and followed my cue or he was lazy and allowed himself to be 'tossed' to the fan.

We stayed there for a while before I recalled him and walked out. He flew to the flight room where I fixed his new bed that he so ungratefully refused to use. Since I was getting his weight down, I decided to weigh him more often. YS was at 33.3 gm. I noticed the cricket I zapped yesterday and gave it to YS. His weight went up to 33.8 gm.

Then with Ivan screaming away, YS was left in flight room for Ivan to be liberated.

At 130 pm, I went in to weigh the MM at 38.0. I added more to make it to 38.4 gm. I called YS to scale and was shocked to see him at 34.0. Then I saw he was wet with water around his bath. I weighed him an hour later and he was at 33.2 gm.

Periodically we went through the exercises. Took him to PC room with a more dignified staying on shoulder walk. He played with his beads and toys while I played with things on Internet. Now and then, we did recalls.

At 5 pm, his weight was at 33.3 gm.

At 630, the MM was at 38.1 gm and I topped that to 38.3 grams for his breakfast in the morning. YS was at 33.3 gm


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

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