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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Maybe it was just irrational exuberance

His MM was at 38.0 at 9am. After shooing him away, fresh MM was given at 38.6 gm. YS weight was at 32.7 The reduction in weight did not dampen his spirits. He was singing and singing this morning when he came into the living room all the way from my preparing breakfast to eating it. He became quiet only during the weighing.

His response after that was wonderful. Short recalls, and pure recalls to shoulders were carried out to the split second of cues given. I slowly made my way furhter and further from him. Then at kitchen door, he refused to budge from his fan when called. I looked at the clicker in my hand and changed it to milli box. He refused to budge. Earlier on, he saw me harvesting a load of suris and he knew I got the suri box with me.

At sight me me holding up his suri, he came like a whirl to me, landed on my finger, took the suri and flew back. Just for the sight of him flying all the way to me, I hold up another suri to get him to fly to me.

Interestingingly enough, he would fly that long distance on hovering recalls. If I hold up the milli with my finger, he would fly over, hover and plucked that from my fingers and fly back. I did more of such hovering recalls. I reckoned the hovering burned up the calories , whatever little of it, from the millis. And I wanted to reduce his weight.

I did another HIMB on him and got him into the PC room. No sulking from him at all and he readily took millis and suris. He was with me for a bout 5 minutes. Then on his own, he flew out of the door and into living room and back to his cage.

I was both happy and annoyed. I was happy that he got a clear mental picture of the rooms and corridors that he would need later for hide and seek with me. I was annoyed that after he snaffled 6 millis in the HIMB, he left so quickly.

At 1 pm, the MM was at 38.3 gm. YS was at 33.3 gm.

He was later taken again into the PC room where he remained longer. My wife noticed he liked to play with some of her beads. So she deliberately left some short strings of that in the book cupboard that YS liked to perch in as his toys. I pooh poohed her when she did that yesterday as I thought shamas are not parrots and had no need for toys.

To my surprise, YS was intrigued with those beads to be beaking them and playing with them for some time. I knew that now and then, YS took my ciggie butts as I found them in his cage. That should have gotten me cotton on earlier. Well, I guess I make do with my hindsight what I lacked in foresight.

He happily took millis from me, but refused to do step up, recalls and even hovering recalls in the PC room.

Eventually he left on his own.

When I joined him in the flight room, at 230pm, I thought of my crickets getting more and more succulent and not feed to YS for the last few days. YS was making those soft soft singing to me as I checked the crickets. I had to give him a nice succulent cricket. I weighed YS immediately after and was stunned to see him at 34.3 grams. That was a big fat cricket.

It was at 5pm when I weighted him again after enough time for digestion and regurgitating the chitins of millis and crickets. YS weight was at 33.5 gm.

Even though the millis were small , I watched very carefully not to treat him too much, and did more of those hovering recalls.

The hovering recalls were no longer a direct flight to me , hover , get the milli, and fly back to fan. He must be on an upbeat mood. After he got that milli, he flew a circle around the room, did a zigzag and figure of 8, and then got onto the fan.

I forgot my resolve to treat him less millis. I did one after another hovering recalls. His flight got sexier. Maybe it was just irrational exuberance on his part.

I wished I could get him to do that on cue.

It was at 6pm that his MM was at 38.1 gm. YS was at 33.6 gm.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


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