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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

YS recalls to shoulder/YS drop his price/YS getting used to PC room

With those morning rituals done, it was at 9 am when the MM was weighed at 37.9 gm or .4 gm less than evening before. After chasing YS away from the scale, fresh MM was added to 38.6 gm. YS was at 33.6 gm. It might be easier to reduce his weight by removing all MM in evening, but somehow I could not do that. Especially when I was not certain when I would wake up and I thought it to be better that even a bit of MM was available to him early in the morning as he definately woke up before me.

Then a few short pure recalls from the fan to me sitting on the sofa to warm him up. I had re introduced the touch target for a couple of days, but I never did write about that. That was in preparation for harness wearing at a later stage. But you recalled I thought of using touch target to induce him to rly to me on recalls, except that recalls were actually made without the need of the target at all. So we shall see how that would developed on its own in due time. For all I know, maybe he would even wear it himself. If not, I would turn to plan B. Except I do not know what plan B is.

Longer pure recalls were made from fan to apartment door, again with good immediate spot on precision. But only if he was not in his singing mood. Should he be singing, I would be ignored. Its very important to see and judge his mood. But I think I am getting the hang of it, or he taught me well enough or which ever way you chose to interpret it.

Normally I would recall him to finger for a milli and then place the milli box close to my left shoulder under my chin to induce YS to be on my shoulder. I tried something new this morning. I hold the milli box out and did a recall. As he flew off from the fan, I shifted the box to my shoulder. He hovered briefly and turned back to the fan. After a minute or so, I tried that again. He flew over and hovered, and then gently made his way to my shoulder. I click the clicker with my left hand which was hanging down. I then moved the box within reach of him and he took his milli from there. I had the best results when I first hold the milli box out before placing it near my shoulder and doing a recall. It was as if I was signalling him to shoulder. After he got the hang of the idea, he did 5 recalls to the shoulder in that fashion and he got his click and treat. I then covered the milli box with my fingers when I hold it in my right hand and made the same gestures. He performed very well and flew to my shoulder a few more times.

I should have been happy at that. But I tried a pure recall to shoulder, without holding the milli box. The right hand was in the same shape, as if I was holding and hiding the milli box behind the fingers. Perhaps he was tired of it by then. Perhaps he knew I was not holding the milli box. He refused to respond. I then ended with a simple pure recall. Its always good to end on a good note on something that he would respond to. And a break was declared.

The next session started with easy recalls. Then I moved to near the kitchen door. Holding the milli box, I recalled YS. He flew all the way over from the fan and landed on my finger. He finally dropped his price and accepted milli for this recall after all those days I tried. The next recall was also perfect, no need for suris. I then tried a pure recall with right hand holding a clicker. He let me know it was not time yet but flying over, circle around my head and flying back to the fan. Another recall was made with milli and session was ended for him and me to do our things.

Then when watching the TV and eyeing him on the fan eyeing me, I hold my left finger up and did a recall. I was not playing a joke on YS as I did not hold the MM box in right hand fooling him that I had millis ready. He flew over and landed on my left hand and looked at me. He saw no milli box around and he bend down and pecked my thumb and flew back to fan. It was not a hard peck, more of mouthing of my thumb. But perhaps he was trying to bite it off, but shama are not biters with hooked beaks like parrots. Perhaps it was just his friendly gesture to me.

I waited a while and did that again. He flew over to my finger, looked at me, and flew to my shoulder, landed for a few seconds and flew back to the fan. With that lovely gesture from YS, I changed that experiment. I walked over to the suri box and got one and walked over to him to reward him. He really deserved it.

Then I did a HIMB trick again. But in truth, it was not exactly a HIMB all the time. He took one, looked up and ate, and another, looked up and ate when all the time I was moving and moving slowly and slowly into the PC room. He knew what I was doing but he accepted it. He then took off and landed on the fan in PC room, one of his favourite perch with the chair next to my wife laptop as his second perch. I approached him with milli box and he continued to eat the millis. It seemed he gotten used to PC room now. So I did my thing and periodically gave milli treats to YS. Later, he did a step up on my finger and as I walked him out of the room, he took off and flew back to his cage.

Ivan screamed and screamed. As if he was worried I forgot him. So that glass door was closed on YS and Ivan liberated. This happened on and off during the day. I got well trained by Ivan too as I juggled my time between those two.

At 130 pm, the MM was at 38.4 and YS at 34.0 gm.

Then in afternoon, more milli aided recalls to shoulder in addition to pure recalls. With HIMB technique, I walked YS again into PC room. He was quite content with the PC room now, periodically flying from fan to chair and top of bookshelf. He refused to step up from chair or from top of bookshelf. Of course, he would not do recalls either. He settled down well enough to take off from fan and fly back to living room. I heard the whirl of his wings and turned round to see him scooting out of the door and presumably back to living room. It was his calling chair chair chair that got me out of PC room into living room to say hi to him and to give him millis.

At 6 pm, the MM was at 38.4 gm. But he spend the bulk of his time in PC room. YS weight was at 34.0 gm.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

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