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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Getting YS used to PC room

So it was again the same this morning. YS was allowed into the living room and I joined him after preparing my breakfast. Then when I got into the flight room, he followed me and stayed on the door perch. His MM was weighed at 38.1 or .5 gm less than evening before. I cleaned that bowl preparing to weigh in fresh MM when he fly down onto the empty bowl. He protested my shooing him off to weigh in fresh MM at 38.7 gm.

Then his weight was 33.8 gm.

He was attentive this morning. But all short recalls will be done sharply by him. Even longer recalls would get him coming to me on cue for millis.

Then I went to the dining table, just a bit before the kitchen door. I called and he looked at me. I gave the recall and he flew immediately over. He hovered over my hand with his head rock steady. He tilted his head to see the clicker, tilted back his head to look at me and flew back to his fan perch.

He flew to me at next recall, hovered and saw I got millis and flew back again. Only with the suri hold in my right hand did he land on my finger to be offered that suri. He was so consistent with his pricing policy. I was glad that I did not suffer shortage of suris as I earlier feared. The diet I provided for the suris luckily agreed with them to keep producing nice suris. I think I feed the suris and crickets better than some people feeding their parrots. I hurt to think of this beautiful grey that I been seeing recently fed only and entirely on sunflower seeds and in a small cage and without any toys. I had tried talking to his caregiver, but he was so smug about his knowledge that I despaired of trying to talk more. Its so much easier to train parrots and shama than to educate some humans.

I got YS again in the 'head in milli box' technique and brought him into the PC room. He of course flew about and landed about and ignored all my peace offerings. He even refused his suri, or to be more accurate, took that suri off the tweezer and then dropped it onto the floor.

So I did my own thing and ignored him. That included preparing a fresh batch of MM this morning, 50% YS mash, 25% Claus and 25% Sinlin.

But YS was getting more used to the PC room. 30 minutes later, he accepted a suri. Then shortly after , he accepted millis. That contrast to yesterday where he snubbed me and Joy for more than a couple of hours. But he refused to get up on my finger ignoring not only recalls, but the 'step up' requests from me.

More suris were harvested from smb 1. I checked the milli from the special dedicated milli box and was delighted to see loads of millis. The 'head in milli box cost a lot of millis and that had to be replenished. So I went back to YS prepared to bribe and bribe him. He ate and ate, but refused to step up on my finger. He would fly off should I approached him too aggressively. And in one of those approachs, he flew out of the door and into living room and cage. He remained there and sang and sang.

At 1 pm the MM was 38.4 gm and YS was at 34.0 grams.

Later, he was caught again by that HIMB trick. I actually suspect he caught on to that technique, but since he was stuffing himself, he should not be too displeased by that.

He flew off my hand the moment I reached the PC room door and perched on the fan. I offered milli to him and he took that immediately, but refused to step up. So now and then, I tried to get him to step up to see him fly off to another perch. He even accepted milli from my wife, and to show he was annoyed at me, perched next to my wife on top of a chair.

With persistence, he eventually got on my finger with the help of the milli box. Perhaps he realised that day was coming to a close and he might as well allowed me to act as his personal porter for a short distance before he flew the rest of the way back to his cage.

At 6 pm, the MM was at 38.3 gm. YS was 34.2 gm.

I would try to get his weight to be 33 gm at the end of the say. I like to see how he would be when I managed to get him down to 31 gm in morning to 33 gm by evening.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


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Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


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