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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

YS sulking and throwing tantrums in PC room and Terrifying Ivan

After those usual morning rituals, the MM was at 38.0 gm and .3 less than evening before. That was thrown away but before I could weigh in fresh MM, YS jumped in ahead of the que to get himself weighed at 33.1 gm. But as I was trying to get him into the range of 31-33 gm, I took little sympathy for him and gave him just a milli. I then weighed in fresh MM at 38.6 gm.

Then we went into the living room for warmup of short recalls from the fan perch. YS was truly consistent. To the extent when I tried longer recalls to edge of kitchen, he ignored clicker and millis and came only when suris were offered.

I remained cool about that as I had more insidious plans brewing in my mind that I thought would repay him for his mercenary attitude. I caught him again with that old ploy of 'head in milli box' and brought him into the PC room. Why the PC room? The kitchen was a piece of cake for him. I also was seldom in the kitchen, other than to get my coffee, fix breakfast or to get my cold drinks. Ok, now and then, I cooked for YS and suris and crickets. But as that involved in big open pots of boiling water, YS would not be welcomed in the kitchen with me then.

I spend more time in the PC room. So that would be a place I liked YS to hang around and to get to know. And for that, YS need to spend more time in the PC room to be familiar with it. Since there was no line of sight with living room, he need to know how to get out of the PC room into corridor and turn once more into the living room.

Being saturday, my wife was at home and in the PC room. She was surprised when YS came in and delighted too. YS was a lot less delighted. I guessed he did not like it when his head came out of the milli box to find himself into the PC room without knowing how he got there. He flew about and landed here and there and finally got onto the standing fan to brood and sulk. I generously offered him the milli box to be snub by him. I was not going to stand and look at him and wringed my hands. I gave him a silent laugh and went into Internet to surf and play chess. YS remained quietly on the standing fan.

I approached him with milli as peace offering to have him flying to top of bookshelves, and to top of curtain to show me how much he hold me in disdain. So I ignored him to do my own thing.

After feeling him brooding for a while on the fan behind me, I relented. After he snub the millis again, I got in the suris. He stared at it for a while, pulled it off to Joy's delight and her exclamation that he was finally settling in. But I knew him from the past. I also saw he remained still with the suri in the mouth. I told Joy to watch. And she saw him dropping the suri on the floor in a fit of shama's tantrum.

I had not the slightest bit of guilt about it. That was a wrong act from him as what came to my mind was that he was not hungry even at 33.1 gm morning weight. Otherwise he would not have taken and then dropped that suri. Of course, I retrieved that suri and went back to doing my thing while letting him sulk and periodically fly and changed his perch.

For some reasons, he did not choose to fly out of the door and down the corridor.

After two hours in the PC room with me periodically offering him milli, he finally took a milli when I offered it to him. But he was adamant at not stepping up on my finger. He rather fly away and ignored the millis when I interpose my finger in a bid to get him to step up. Even when I offered suri, he would not step up on my finger. Obviously, I did not even want to attempt any recalls.

Since it was nearing noon, I got him to fly out of the PC room door by moving to him and with hand blocking his normal flight up to bookshelf, I diverted him into the corridor . He flew directly into his flight room.

Later on when I tried recalls, he was moody enough to ignore me. He accepted millis when offered to him, but he would not fly to me even on short recalls.

He was back to normal when I did the next weighing at 1 pm. His MM was 38.0 that I topped up to 38.6 gm. YS was at 34.0 gm.

He was so normal that I got him again in the 'head in milli box' trick and spirited him into the PC room once more.

And again, he threw tantrum and refused all bribes frome me or my wife Joy. It did not bother me. His sulking saved me on millis and suris. I left the PC room to have a ciggie in the living room and to watch TV. My wife went to the kitchen. One programe lead on to another programme. I figured that YS should eventually get used to the PC room and be able to fly in and out to living room when he stopped sulking and think.

Suddenly my wife called out "Ivan is out of his room". Before that kicked into my head, she called again "Ivan is in the PC room". That got me out of the sofa and I rushed to that room. Joy was there a split second ahead of me and I went in to see YS on the air cond near the ceiling and Ivan in the arms of Joy. Joy told me she first heard YS calling. Then she heard Ivan chattering away, a sound that I knew he did on birds before he struck when we were in Hongkong. She saw Ivan on the PC table crouching as to leap and she took him into her arms.

That was frightening.

Luckily YS was wary of Ivan and flew up high. The sound of the TV drowned out YS and Ivan but luckily my wife was in the kitchen and she heard all that.

I wrote in the past that the door to Ivan room was not that secure and sometimes spring open. But all the time before, I was in the living room where YS was and I knew my presence would prevent Ivan from YS.

That was so nearly a tragedy in the PC room.

I could not blame Ivan, as that was his nature. But I could kick myself for not fixing that door. Ivan was thrown back into that room. I added another restraint to that door. Believe me, that door will not open again , unless done deliberately by me or my wife.

Strangely, after that incident, YS started to sing in the PC room, loudly and for quite some time. I offered him suri, and YS took them. I offered milli, also accepted by YS. I stood there with YS on the fan, and I interposed my finger between him and the milli box and said, 'step up'.

I was so pleased that he did that. I then walked him slowly out the room, no head in the milli box trick.

The moment we stepped into the corridor, he recognised his bearings and he flew off to the living room and his flight room.

Shortly after at 6 pm, the weighing was done.

The MM remained at 38.6 gm which did not surprised me as he was in the PC room for much of the afternoon.

YS was at 34.0 gm.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


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