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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

YingShiong brooding in the kitchen

First, I like to thank Mel of 'Mel, Ed and Nic, NZ' for the nice comment made.
I missed that as I was in Kuantan for a week and away from the Internet. I came back to see my email box flooded and saw that comment only today when I slowly cleared my backlog. Mel, those were good days we had when we dropped by to see you when we were in NZ. And if we are again in your part of the world, I love to see you all again.

patitamofi commented yesterday

"I know it must be annoying as part of the training, but I love how YS is maintaining his standards and not performing for less than what he thinks the cost should be. I like that he's not fully tame, but remains somewhat independent. This says a lot about the way you regard your animals! "


Thank you.

I am not a trainer. I do try to employ training techniques to attempt to forge a meaningful relationship with the creatures with me, respecting them and their dignity as much as I can. None of them are my pets, but sentient creatures that I am grateful to have their companionship with. I am sure we can come to some amicable and agreeable compromise eventually, even if I am fuming at the outrageous way YS is bargaining with me now.


So this morning, even though I did not wake up that late, the new routine was still carried out. Needless to say, first, Ivan got his petting and rubs before he was tossed unceremoniously into his room and the door slammed on him.

I then opened the sliding door to liberate YS and then I made my breakfast to have it in the living room where he was waiting on the fan.

At 9am, his MM was at 38.7 gm or .4 gm less than evening before. As I removed the bowl from the scale to dump the MM, YS flew to the scale without any prompting to tip it at 33.8. He got a couple of millis before I shoo him off to weigh fresh MM at 40.0 gm.

Then he followed me back into the living room to do some warmup short recalls. That was done during the frequent commercials on the TV. It was either that or to flip channels hoping to escape those TV commercials.

I then got more serious, enough to get off the sofa to walk to the door to do further recalls with millis. All that was within the range YS set for milli rewards.

YS then watched me as I took the suri box and the milli box together with a clicker to the far corner of the dining room next to the kitchen.

I thought I would try a pure recall. I hold up YS landing finger and with my right, hold up the clicker in clear view. When his eyes were on me, in the firmest voice I could come up with, I called "Yingshiong" to get a tilt from his head. "Come here" got him remaining in that frozen state of not budging from the fan. It was a nice try by me. But YS was not buying that clicker.

I had thought that he might not from the mercenary attitude that he showed me the last couple of days. If he did not come for milli, it was just pure wishful fantasy on my part to attempt that pure recall.

If I was a trainer, I should have just walked back to the sofa, have my coffee and ciggie and watch the news and then try again with pure recall. Perhaps cutting down on his food to get him 'hungrier' to respond.

But as a lousy trainer, I then hold up the milli box. I was rewarded by YS meeting me halfway, literally. He flew to perch on a lamp between me and the fan but refused even to fly and hover at my finger before snubbing the milli by flying back.

Being a lousier trainer than just a lousy trainer, I caved in and hold up a suri and did the recall. He flew over like a shot. Instead of making me happy, he got me bloody mad. He snucked off that suri as if that was his birthright and flew back to the fan. Another suri got him flying back to me in a cold blooded pure business transaction and back to his fan.

I then had my coffee and brooded over his insults on me. Perhaps in his own time, he would fly and accept the entire apartment. In contrast to Tinkerbell who would explore and demand to explore more places than I was prepared for her to do in the apartment, YS was only expanding his boundary tiny bit by tiny bit, and demanding outrageous rewards for what should come from natural curiousity.

I walked to the point of his easy recall and got him to fly to me for milli. With his head buried in the milli box, I walked slowly and liquidly, using all my taichi training towards the kitchen door. My body blocked his flight back to the living room should he caught on to what I was doing. While his greed overcame his desire to thwart my hidden agenda, we got fully into the kitchen and he flew off from my hand to land on top of the kitchen cabinets. After a while, I hold up the milli box as peace offering that he refused, chosing to hop off a bit further. Even the suri I hold up was rejected. He perched on the edge of the cabinet brooding at me.

I did not have a twinge of guilt conscience at his brooding. I felt delighted I got him again in that 'head in milli box' trick. I called him in a recall I thought he would not do. I was right as he insisted in brooding on top of the kitchen cabinet.

I happily left him there to stew as I went to the PC room to go the various parrot and bird sites in English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and other languages to tell them new photos of hovering was on line and that YS was brooding in the kitchen.

He was still there sulking on the cabinet. I then went to harvest more suris and millis in peace. From the position he was in, he had line of slight of the fan perch and even his cage. If he chose not to fly out, who was I to deny him his right to do as he pleased. I even took photos of him brooding up there.

He was not stationary, but was moving from place to place in the kitchen. Since I had no open pot of boiling water, and he was flying far to well to drown himself in open pots of cold water, I happily did my own thing and allowed him to sulk.

Eventually, he got tired of that and just flew out of the kitchen and immediately into his flight room and cage. It was not long before he flew to the fan and called to me. To show no hard feelings , he got a couple of crickets.

Then more standard recalls. I then execute my 'head in milli box' technique and got him into the PC room. He freaked out and flew from me. He refused any recalls or step ups, even refusing suri with no strings tied to it.

That was fine again with me. He brooded about as I cleared up my emails and played chess. I felt sorry enough to turn around to look at him to offer suri again. He refused and chose that time to snub my offer and flew out the door into the corridor and living room and back to his flight area.

So that sliding door was closed on him and Ivan liberated and I went out for my lunch.

Later in the afternoon, I tried the headrubs and back rubs with YS. He flew to me on recall and was positioned on my body with the milli box below him. But it was not easy today. He remaine wary of my finger. As the finger neared him, he showed how flexible he was by turning his body in a tight radius to jump on top of the finger. Almost like a wrestling martial arts dogfight with my finger. I could not be annoyed even though I should be annoyed. It was a beautiful display from him as he thwarted my finger from approaching his head while gobbling down my millis.

He was not annoyed or upset at me. After all, he could just fly off if he chose to. I was not trying too hard either. Perhaps he was just initiating his own games with me.

At 6pm, his MM was at 39.4 gm. YS was at 34.5 gm. Only after he was weighed, I gave him another 2 crickets so he should be at about 35.5 gm when I closed that sliding door on him.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


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