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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Horrid Ivan and YS 2nd foray into PC room

For a long time, YS sleeping perch was on the green rope perch just next to the screen. I used the green ropes as an ad hoc perch, but since then I brought in some some branches that were more suitable. But since YS liked that sleeping perch, I chose not to change that as I liked YS perching there looking in on me.

Then a few days ago, YS decided a small cover for a power point 5 feet high on the wall that was used for the CD player was to be his sleeping perch. Since the power cable was plugged in, the cover was lifted creating a little niche on the wall that he found was nice and cosy and good to perch on to sleep.

The curtain hanging down kind of blocked his view of me, but he could see the TV. Who was I to complain. After all, he was the one who slept there, not me and if he liked that new perch, I was not going to scold him. But as he was not using the rope perch to sleep on anymore, I replaced that rope perch with a thin branch to make it better. That branch was still wobbly, deliberately so by intent and design, but less wobbly than a rope perch. YS went onto that new branch perch, but he chose to go back to his new sleeping perch on that power point cover.

When I came into the PC room to write my report last night, YS was sleeping on that power point cover.

Then when I went back to the living room after writing that report, I was surprised that he was not on the power point perch. I quickly looked into his flight room and to my surprise, saw he perched on that high perch next to the window.

While watching the TV, I was wondering why he changed his perch when Ivan jumped on the sofa and purred behind me. After I petted and stroke him, he left after a while.

Then I turned ans saw him on top of the armchair next to the screen. Horrid Ivan was on his hind legs with his body stretched and front paws on the wall. His head was on the same level of that power point, and Ivan was peering and peering at that power point!

I could see why YS decided to sleep up on that high perch brave as he was during the day time in his territorial display and singing against Ivan when all three of us were around.

I shouted "IVAN" , and Ivan fueled by his guilt conscience, bolted off that chair and fled like a blur away from me.

At the point of writing this report, YS was back on that power point perch sleeping away. A curtain that I dragged behind the armchair to maximise the open mesh area for airflow was let to hang down forming a screen against future peering of Ivan. While I trust Ivan to know Yingshiong is family, it is always prudent to take extra measures as well.

I slept late last night and thuse woke up late this morning. Ivan did his wakeup call on me but I was reluctant to wake up until 10 am. Feeling quilty, I opened the sliding door and let YS in while I prepared breakfast. After my breakfast, his MM was weighed at 38.1 gm or .4 gram less than evening before. YS was back with me and waiting for me to remove that bowl. Without any signal from me, he flew onto the scale the moment I took that bowl away. He as at 33.7 gm. I threw the MM away and gave fresh MM at 40.0 gm.

I went back to the living room with YS on the fan. A few simple recalls were done for millis. I changed to different parts of the living room to get him flying to me. Then I went far away to the front of the kitchen. He came readily for his suri when I gave his cue. Then I took the milli box and gave his recall cue. He flew over, hovered above my finger, saw that it was milli, and turned around to fly back to the fan. Its getting infuriating the way YS was so uppity with me. I swallow my pride and got another suri to see YS making a perfect recall landing on my finger, taking that suri and flying back to the fan.

Another recall with suri was made. I hold the milli box as well. The moment he took the suri, I presented him with the milli box . He swallowed that suri and immediately stuck his head into the milli box to help himself. With him eating away, I turned and walked with him into the corridor to the PC room. He realised he was away from his living room and flew into the PC room. Although this was his 2nd time, he was still not used to the PC room yet. He flew about and landed on various places. But when I initiate recalls, he refused to fly to me. When I hold up the milli box, he backed away and flew elsewhere refusing even to take a milli. So I left him alone. Went into Internet and played chess with him on cupboard looking down at me. He refused to step up. I even offered him a suri. He took that from the tweezer and dropped it.

I thought he needed time to be used to the PC room. After all, if he was not used to different rooms and the corridor, he was not going to play hide and seek with me. I went out to the corridor but as he ignored my recall, I went back to living room and into his flight room. In peace, I harvested more suris and millis from smb2. The milli box was now nicely stocked with 19.3 gm of millis (empty box is 17.8). I got 6 medium suris at total weight of .7 gm.

After an hour, I felt guilty enough to get back to see how he was getting on. He was still not pleased with me as I kept urging him through the door. But from his position, the wall of the corridor seen through the door might not have given him any indication where he needed to fly to. I pushed my wife's chair to beyond the door to give him a reference and landing point. Eventually, he flew out onto that chair and into the kitchen. He refused all my recalls and I left him alone. But from the kitchen, he could see some of the dining room and living room that he was familiar with. In a short while, he flew out of the kitchen and straight back into his flight room.

I thought he needed some time to himself and I closed that slidding door. Ivan was liberated. It is a kind of juggling act I have had with these two. But at least Ivan was much luckier than poor Halftail. TInkerbell slept late, and HT had to lurk under the chairs and tables until Tink slept before he could come out to play with me.

At 6pm, the MM was weighed at 39.1 gm. YS was attentive and promptly came at recall cues. I got him to land on my stomach to feed from the milli box. It was easier to do head and back rubs with him that way rather than on finger on one hand with the other hand holding the milli box. He ate away as I gently stroked him on the head and behind on his back. Now and then, he moved away. He was doing so well that I decided to give him a couple of crickets.

That was a mistake as after that, he flew back into his cage. All my urgings could not budged him out of the cage and I thought I should have weighed him earlier. I left him , but after a while, he was calling for me. He was more responsive now, and flew to scale at cue to be weighed at 34.8 gm.

The milli box was now at 18.2 gm and he ate 1.1 gm of milli and 1.4 grams of crickets.

Its difficult to get him down to 31-33 gm at the rate he is being fed.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

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