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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Playing joke on YS

Idiot Ivan woke me up so early this morning. I tossed him off my chest onto the floor, shouted at him and went back to sleep again. That must have hurt his feelings. When I eventually got up at 945am, he was sulking on the dressing table looking out of the window.

He got locked into the spare room and eventually, YS was liberated to join me in the living room where I had my breakfast and watched the news. I was sure lots of nice things were going on around the world. But nice things seldom got into the news.

I was perverse and feeling wicked this morning. I was also lazy as the millis box was in the flight room. YS was also looking so intently at me. I had the fresh MM box from the fridge which was the same kind of box for the millis. I opened the MM box, raised my left hand and initiated a recall for YS. He flew over and I hold the MM box to him. He was stunned, and he looked into the box and then at me. I moved the box nearer to his beak. He backed up, looked straight at me in the eye and flew back to the fan. I did another recall and he flew over so nicely. As I raised the MM box to him, he stared at me and flew back. Whatever it was, it got out of my system. I could not make myself do it a third time to YS. What might be ok as a joke if done a couple of times might be irritating, even to YS, if done too often.

At 10am, the MM was weighted at 38.7 gm or .3 gm less than evening before. I replaced that with fresh MM at 40.0 gm. YS who flew back in when I weighed the MM then landed on the scale at 33.3 gm.

After a brief session of recalls and step ups and onto shoulder, I encouraged him to fly into the living room. That made the flight room more peaceful for me as I harvested fresh suris and millis from smb2.

I weighed the 7 medium suris that I got as 0.7 gms.

Using the suris, I did long recalls from the fan to the kitchen, still within sight of YS. He refused to budge from the fan when he saw me holding the milli box. YS is horridly money minded. When I got out the suri on tweezer and did the recall, he immediately flew to me, no invisible boundary this time.

I did that for another 2 times with suris to perfect recalls from YS. The milli box got a no go from him.

He was also more inquisitive today. He was flying and landing on various places and cupboards. Small impossible landing spots saw him landing on them.

I went for lunch and gym in the afternoon after getting YS back into the flight room. I never had any problem with getting YS to go back as he was always shadowing me in living room or flight room.

The crickets were running out. Since I added peat moss to smb3 also used as cricket box, I had lots of little cricket nymphs. Crickets needed soil or peatmoss to lay their eggs. While eventually, the little crickets will be nice succulent crickets for YS, I had to get more crickets to feed YS until those little crickets got a chance to grow up. I probably will not harvest the suris from smb3 using that as fall back reserves.

When I got back, I tried more head and back rubbing with YS. This was sneakily done when his head was buried into the milli box. I rationalised to myself that it was ok as I had to get him introduced into the concept that I can feel him and get fingers on him.

But I would need to bring that to a higher stage. That he would let me give him head rubs , neck rubs, and back rubs. Only after that , would he get millis, or even suris.

Except I have not figured out how in the world would I get to do that.

At 6pm, the MM was weighed at 38.5 gm . If you noticed the pattern, on the afternoon that I went to the gym, and hence not around to treat YS to suris or millis or crickets, a lot more MM would be eaten. But even if YS got his millis and suris and crickets, YS would still eat the MM but not so much.

YS was at 33.9 gm. But since I bought a new load of crickets, I gave him two crickets and that bumped his weight up to 35.0 gm.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

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