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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

First day of 2006

Last night was New Year Eve.

After writing that report, I was watching the celebration into the year of 2006 all around the world on CNN and BBC. I watched the natural exuberant celebrations of people in Australia, of Taiwan, of China as the New Year rolled on. When I was living in Hongkong, or in South Korea, or in Taiwan, or in China, or in Germany, I and my wife would be out there with the crowds, a bottle of champagne to celebrate too with new found friends on the streets.

In Singapore, the natural laughter and the smiles of the people died. Replaced by packaged laughter on cue. I refused to watch anything on the local TV channels. I never bought the so-called newspaper here, fit only to line the floor under Yingshiong perches.

In the morning of the new year of 2006, when I eventually woke up about 945am, I opened the sliding door so that YS could fly into the apartment while I had my breakfast and watched on CNN and BBC the celebrations as midnight approached the other cities around the world. I envy all those people the luck of being in their own country and the pride that they had in them. Those people never knew who it is like to be under an entity they cannot imagine in their worse nightmare ( more was written, but my wife begged me to exercise voluntary censorship). I will not write more or that midnight knock on my door will come that much earlier.

YS remained nicely on the fan and sang and sang. At 10, I went into the flight area to take out his bowl to weigh. He flew in and waited on the door perch.

The MM was at 38.8 gm or 0.8 gm less than evening before. I threw that away and gave fresh MM at 41.0 gm. The 5 days I was away was educational as to the amount of dry food he would eat. Since he would be getting millis, suirs and crickets and may not eat that much MM, I still liked to give him more.

I removed the bowl, twirled by finger at the scale , and YS flew onto the scale without me even saying a word. He was at 34.1 gm and for his wonderful behaviour, he got 3 millis from me.

Since my smb 2 seemed to be thriving with millis and suris, the suri holding box had ample suris for today. With YS on the fan, I moved to the far side of the living room, just as it joined with the kitchen. Waving a suri on tweezer, I called him. He flew to me, found another invisible barrier and hovered just two feet beyond my hand. I mentally willed him to cross. But I got it backwards and repelled him back to the fan instead. After a couple of minutes, I tried again. All went well, he hovered longer at the barrier but turned back. I sat on the sofa and did a few easy recalls with millis. He had no difficulties at all. Then I went back to near the kitchen and tried again. After a long hover at the barrier, he crossed that and landed on my hand and got his suri. He immediately flew back to his fan to eat that suri. I gave him a couple of minutes, waved another suri, and got him to fly to me again.

I gained distance with such difficulties. And I was within sight of him too. And in an apartment that he should have been familiar with. But he was just so timid and shy. I need him to be familiar with the entire apartment. Only then can I do the next stage with him. Recalling him sight unseen into different rooms, games of hide and seek that he must graduate from as another milestone if we are ever to go outside and outdoors together.

But since he crossed that barrier, it should be easier. I called him. He flew over, passed that barrier, hovered inches from my finger, eyed the milli box, and flew all the way back to that fan.

In addition to him being shy and timid, YS showed himself to be mercenary and refused the milli when he thought he should be given suri instead.

That ended the session for that morning.

I went back to flight area to replenish the millis. I weighed 20 millis to be 0.4 grams. Contrast that to crickets between 0.4 for small size to 0.8 for large succulent size. Suris ranged from 0.2 for small to 0.4 for big succulent gravid suris. But I never gave those big gravid suris to YS any more as I preferred that they go make more little suris.

I did more hovering recalls which I enjoyed. I hold in my fingers a milli and YS would fly over and hover at finger tips to pluck them from the finger so delicately and fly back to his perch.

I did a few shoulder feedings. I could not get YS to fly directly to my shoulder yet. YS would fly to finger and would have a milli from there. I then placed the milli box next to shoulder and he would fly there using my shoulder as perch to get at the millis. I need not 'walk' YS from my wrist to shoulder any more.

I then decided to cook up a batch of suri mash. I already have a years supply of YS mash. But I still have so much dried beans and stuff since they came in big packs even if you needed only 30 grams of that.

But unlike YS mash or Tinkerbell mash, I did not bother to soak and wash the beans over three days. I started in late morning and cooked the lot in the late afternoon after some soaking and washing. I added lots of carrots cut into little pieces. The mash was almost similar to Tinkerbell mash but I used more different rice and oats and barley. Then the pot was cooled and stuff ladled into small packages to be stuffed into the freezer. My mom in law was around and she remarked how nice it smelled. She flipped when I told her the ingredients. I told her I tried the mash and it tasted nice, and is good and healthy. At her request, I gave her a couple of packages for her and dad in law.

I think the suris, crickets and millis are given food better and more nutritious than those given to many birds. Heck! I think that mash is more nutritious and balanced than the junk I do eat.

At 6 pm, the MM was at 40.1 or 0.9 gm less than this morning. YS was at 34.6 gm. But he was so good that I feed him two more crickets that got him to 35.3 gm.

Before he slept this evening at about 730 pm, he was still very edgy. He kept calling and calling to me sitting on the sofa as if I would disappeared from him.

My wife Joy came back from shopping with her mom with Ivan after his long stay with my in laws.

So I cannot sleep late into the morning anymore.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

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