December 31st, 2005

Back from Kuantan and A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL


We got back late last Friday night from Kuantan Malaysia at about 11 pm after a 2 hour crawl at the Immigration.

We stayed at De Rhu Hotel formerly known as Coral Beach Hotel about 10 km north of Kuantan. That was set in a very wide bay with wide beaches fringed by causarina trees. I was last here about 17 years ago when I used to do an annual pilgrimage around DecEMBER to windsurf there. I felt so lost with the changes that could come about after years of absence. The fine sandy beach was a lot more muddier with the cutting down of forests and the silting of the sea and beaches.

The hotel was a bit rundown, but at 100 Ringgit a night (about 23USD), I could not really complain. The staff were warm and friendly and the hotel grounds were extensive with a big swimming lagoon.

The food at Kuantan was outstanding and delicious and much cheaper than the food in Singapore, courtesy of the regime here and the high charges they superimposed on all facets of life here. Good food in Kuantan (and Taiwan and Thailand and elsewhere around the world) cost half of what one must pay in Singapore. Those not from Singapore will not believe how much you MUST pay to have a car in Singapore.

We ate like crazy and breakfast of Malay rice and curry and roti prata (a kind of bread) would last until dinner. Then we stuffed ourselves with seafood which then repeated the next day.

In between all that, I lazed on the beach and the pool, too lazy to do more than think about doing windsurfing again. I knew I could do it. But those muscles were not used for so long that I probably had to spend the next day in bed as a price.

We got back inside to see Yingshiong on his regular sleeping perch. I was actually more concerned with the suris that were not feed since Monday morning. I had this nightmare of hungry suris clambering out of their boxes.

I must have got home just in time to feed them so they remained happily in their boxes.

The next morning, YS seemed very happy to see me again. I opened the sliding door and he flew in and perched on the fan to sing and sing and chatter at me.

His SL was at 35.1 gm or drop of 11.5 gm. The MM was at 46.9 gm or drop of 3.1 gm

So for that five days, he had 14.6 gm of food, or about 3 gm of food a day.

Perhaps his preference was for SL. But again, the MM might have turned bad and he turned to SL.

YS weight was at 33.4 gm

I got rid of all the food and gave him fresh MM at 40.2 gm

I send smb1 back into rest and took the smb2 to get the millis and suris. Smb2 appeared to be doing well with lots of suris and millis.

YS remembered all that was done. The recalls were superb even if I had to bribe him with suris to fly the greater distance to me. Perhaps the absence made him fonder of me. Since we had not the time to collect Ivan yet, YS had the run of the house. But if I went into the flight area, he would remain in the flight area. He would fly into the apartment if I went to the apartment.

Did not weigh him at lunch.

But at 6 pm, his MM was 39.6 gm or a drop of .6 gm. I guessed YS had quite a bit of millis and suris and crickets as my way of making up to him.

YS was at 34.8 gm.

Perhaps I should really cut back on all those goodies I fed him just to see if he would take 3 gm of dry food if no live food was ever given.

Yes, I should add this. In the evening before YS slept, he burst into loud singing for quite a while. He then called and called me before he settled down. Then until I wrote this, he called me a few times as he changed his sleeping position.



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