December 24th, 2005

Apartment quieter with Ivan gone and YS chastising me that I should learn the concept of zero


The apartment was so much quieter now that I am back after Christmas eve dinner with Joy's uncle. While I am a Taoist, I am happy to celebrate any religious events with anyone, from Parsi (through CM who is a Parsi) to Hinduism to Muslim to Buddhism to Christianity (which I started off as a captive audience in a missionary school).

The apartment was quieter now because Ivan my cat was no longer at my feet when I bang away at the PC. Ivan was taken earlier this evening to be looked after by my mom-in-law. If you recalled, last week I was experimenting on how long a load of MM could last Yingshiong. Come Monday morning, Joy and I will be going to Kuantan on the East coast of Malaysia with CM to do windsurfing in this North East monsoon season with strong winds and big waves, or laze away on the beach. I suspect I do a bit of token windsurfing but spend most of the time on the beach.

This morning at 930 am, the MM was at 38.5 or 0.2 less than evening before. The moment I opened the sliding door and took out the bowl, Yingshiong flew into the apartment and perched on the fan where he watched me.

When I took the bowl away from the scale, YS flew back into the flight room and landed on the scale to tip it at 32.5 gm. After a couple of millis from me, he flew back to the fan to wait for me. If it seemed to you that it was qetting easier and easier, why yes! You are right. After the agony of the first month when everything seemed so difficult, it got easier now and I am not complaining.

I got to make it tougher to avoid being stuck on a plateau.

I got back into the living room and had my coffee on the sofa just to make YS stew a bit with waiting. We then started with an easy pure recall from the sofa followed by stepping up to the shoulder. Then I stood up to do a recall. I moved off further from the fan to do another recall. Since YS came to me so readily, I went back even further. At the recall, he flew towards me, and found another invisible barrier that he hovered at before returning to the fan. I took out a suri to encourage him and he broke that barrier after hesitating for a while. His penetration into the apartment was getting deeper and deeper. He came next time even though it was just a milli.

He was doing so well that I ran out of millis. With a dozen or so, and with him being offered one or two, but he chose to take two or three, just a few recalls would finish the millis.

I then thought perhaps I should get more suris as well. I was curious to the state of smb1 . I checked again on the Internet on suris, and that they liked vege matter. I earlier interpreted vege include bran and oatmeal that I added in abundance. After the shock of seeing how little suris there were and despite later seeing more suris, I was still concerned. I was concerned enough to decide that suris perhaps liked leafy vege stuff more than bran and oatmel. I bought leafy vege and washed them and fed that into the smb .

Perhaps it was the change in diet, but I was delighted to see more suris from smb 1 in the first scoop of peatmoss. Selecting only medium sized suris and reloading the milli box, I went back to continue with YS. With YS in the apartment, it was also a lot less stressful for me to work with the smb without a bird trying to sneak around to grab big gravid suris that I placed back into the smb.

I continued to draw YS yet deeper into the apartment.

The twenty odd millis went fast with the occasional suri used to draw him past any invisible barrier.

I saw that I had only about 6-7 millis left. I then got him to my shoulder and hold the milli box in front of him. Out of my perverse curiosity as to whether he understood the concept of zero, I hold that milli box and watched as he reduced the number of millis down until the box was empty. I then waited expecting YS to fly off from me.

He looked at the box and then he nibbled my finger and pecked into the box. He then nibbled the other finger and pecked harder into the box. I was wondering why for a while before it hit me that perhaps he was educating and chastising me that I did not understood what zero was. He looked at me again, bit my finger and screamed chair chair chair at me, bit the finger again and flew back to the fan. Cheeky feisty bugger.

When he decided to fly back into the flight room for a drink of water, I closed that sliding door on him. Ivan was going to leave us today and I felt Ivan deserved time out as well and he was liberated.

At 2pm, the MM was at 38.7 and YS at 33.5 gm. By feeding him very sparingly the fat succulent crickets, YS got slimmer.

I decided to make a new batch of MM for YS.

Ivan was chucked back to shed his hair and YS was liberated. YS enjoyed all those recall trainings. But from time to time, I took out a milli to hold by hand just for the pleasure of getting YS to fly to me, hover at my fingertips to take that milli before flying back.

At 6 pm, the MM was down to 38.4 gm. YS was at 33.7 gm, all because I feed him only occasionally with crickets. My inner control soften and YS was given two big succulent crickets.

I then had to catch Ivan and chucked him into his cage carrier to be taken to my mom in law with Ivan screaming away until we reached her house.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .

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