December 22nd, 2005

Photos of YS on shoulder and apartment


YS in apartment and shoulder

I am not one of those who can describe in poetic terms the starting blush of dawn. Truth is I can count the number of dawns I seen on the fingers of one hand, with space for the dawns that I will see for the next year as well.

But eventually, I would get up as I did this morning.

So after getting coffee and breakfast, as well as getting that Ivan chucked into his favourite room, I got in with YS at 935am. His MM was weighed at 38.8 gm or .3 gm less than evening before.

To my amazement, YS after landing on the door perch for a while, took off and flew into the apartment landing on the fan when I was weighing the MM. I was so accustomed to him waiting nicely on that door perch to be called to the scale. I called him. Nice as could be, he flew from the fan and onto the scale to tip it at 33.8 gm

He got 3 lovely millis for that. Then as my wife had not left for work yet, I got her to take some photos of us. The process of getting YS to my shoulder, and on my shoulder. YS was finding being on my shoulder was a rewarding process. But this time, unlike yesterday, he was not going to be showing me he knew the concept of zero. He got disgusted when I closed that milli box and he flew into the apartment.


Photos of him in apartment and perching on the various places I described can be seen in

When you see those photos and you get to the photo of YS perched on a photograph, that particular photograph was on WuLai waterfall in Northern Taiwan. The two streaks down the photo are the waterfall, not YS poop. Eventually, I guess you may see more streaks on that photo.

YS in apartment and shoulder

After that session on my shoulder, YS decided to go into the apartment again. I had better things to do than to look at him being a statue on the light. I was running low on millis and suris in feeding boxes. I was curious as to smb1. WIth YS in living room being a statue on the light, it will be more peaceful for me to get the millis and suris without YS trying to ambush those gravid suris.

That smb1 was much darken with alum foil around it and paper on top of it and paper inside it. I took a scoop with the intermediate box. I could not say the peatmoss was teeming with suris. But I was quite happy. I got more suris and suri babies that spread out from just that dark corner. With more elbow room, those suris should go on to create more suris. The big gravid ones got returned. The small ones were not taken and replaced to be fattened. The medium size suris were harvested together with millis.

Then I heard singing in the living room. That was the first time YS sang in the living room. So he was not going to be just a statue on the light.

I then showed him a new game in place of his old game of 'flying away when I got near'. I walked slowly to him, holding up the milli box as an offering. His greed overcame his desire to snub me. He stayed on the light for me to approach and he got a couple of millis.

He flew to the door perch as I sat in the sofa. Then I made a pure recall. He came to me from that door perch, hovering briefly a foot from my hand, and then making a landing on my finger. Not like yesterday with his intermediate stop on the fan. He got that suri that he deserved and he went up to the light.

I walked back to the flight room with him chair chair chair following me there wanting more.

He got a couple of crickets for his reward. Yesterday I weighed the crickets. I was shocked to see the cricket ranged from 0.4 to 0.8 grams. So I decided I would be holding back on the crickets. Overfeeding could not be good either.

YS prefered to be in the flight room. He went into his cage and just sang and sang. Time for me to close that door and liberate Ivan.

At 115 pm, the MM was at 38.6 gm and YS at 34.2 gm

Thats it for the day.

I am about to leave to meet my wife to see that premier of "The Chronicles of Narnia".

That is why this is written so early today. YS and MM will not be weighed this evening.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .

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