December 18th, 2005

YS 2nd day in apartment


This morning, the MM was at 38.3 gm or .3 gm less than evening before. That was thrown away and fresh MM placed at 40.3 gm. YS was at 33.4 gm. He looked lively and attentive to me. I went back into the apartment and Ivan was caught and placed into the spare room to stew.

I took the millis and the suri holding box with 3 suris and the crickets into the apartment with the glass door opened. The difficult part was the first time, and that was yesterday when YS flew in the apartment for even if just for a short while.

I could see he was still a bit nervous. I tried a pure recall, which did not worked. The milli box was flashed at him and recalled made. He was looking intently at me but did not fly. I waved the cricket box which failed. You understand I was reluctant to use suris. But since all the alternative failed, I got a suri out to reinforced the recall. It was so tantalising. He flew off his perch towards me, came to a hovering stop at the dividing line, then he hovered backward and forward a couple of times, and he flew past into the apartment and landed on my hand. He grapped the suri and flew back into his cage.

I waited a while for him to be back on the door perch again. I did the recall again waving a suri. He took off, hovered a while at the dividing line and flew to my finger. Again he grapped the suri and headed back. Considering that he refused to fly to me at all yesterday, it was an improvement this morning.

I got back into the flight room. He flew to me on recall to get a milli from the box. He stepped up and got another milli and a couple more step ups. I got off my chair holding the milli box under his beak to distract him while I slowly walked back into the apartment. He noticed, but as my body was between him and the flight room, he flew into the hall and circled up high. Eventually, he perched on one of the lights and surveyed the room. I sat in the armchair and just watched him. He was jittery and while I knew he would get used to the apartment, I liked him to do so without pressure from me. The best way was to leave him alone. He took off again to circle the room and landed on the lintel between the flight room and living room. Then he shot off down the hall, past the dining room and turned a corridor towards the bedroom and PC room. I followed him to see him hovering in midair before turning back into the living room again.

He spend over an hour out of his flight room. I did not even bother to try any recalls as I just knew he was not going to respond. There will be enough time for me to try that either tomorrow or in a few more days after he got thoroughly used to the apartment,

He then decided he had enough and flew hack into his cage. I joined him in the flight room with the sliding door opened. He could either remain in flight room, or fly back into the apartment.

I waited till he came to the door perch and looked at me. I did a recall that he responded to immediately. We then went through our exercises for him to get his millis and crickets. I had not difficulty in giving him crickets as athat could just be bought in almost any bird shops or aquarium shops. Suris had to be conserved.

At 1 pm, the MM was at 40.0 gm and YS at 34.0 gm.

I took out that whistling CD that he responded to with such zest yesterday. This time, the whistling did not triggered him into that rich vocal and visual display that he did yesterday.

My wife and I left for lunch and to spend the rest of the afternoon in the gym and swimming complex nearby.

We got back late in afternoon.

At 630 pm, the MM was at 39.1 with YS at 34.2 gm


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .

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