December 16th, 2005

Meshing the apartment


To Sunseed,

I last saw Tinkerbell on the 17 July 2005 when she saw me off at the Chiayi train station. My visit to her ended with my visa about to expire its 30 days and I had to leave her once again in Taiwan. That farewell with her was shorter than I wanted as rains of the approaching typhoon hastened all of us to leave each other, me on my train to Taipeh and the International airport and they to get back to their home and out of the typhoon.

I know Yu and Tink are just a phone call away from me and I should have called Yu to say hello and chat. But I find that call painful to make, and I have not called them yet.

I like to think that Tinkerbell is well and happy with the Yu family and bullying them and my friends on all the outings.

Send your thoughts for Tinkerbell happiness to her in Taiwan.


Since I got up at 9, I missed his singing, if any.

This morning, YS was perched on top of the windchime just staring down at me when I was having my breakfast and coffee. That was not the usual place for him. The silence from him was deafening.

At 930, I got in to do the usual start of the day for us. He then flew down to the door perch. I got his bowl and weighed in at 39.0 gm, a drop of 0.4 gm.

I guess when pressed, he did ate the MM, but he was not very happy at me at all for not giving him fresh MM.

I learned enough from this episode. When Joy and I go off, I will leave him MM as well as Sinlin.

He saw me throwing the old lot of MM away, wiping the bowl clean and adding fresh MM to 39.2 gm, He started to sing softly. I called him over to be weighed at 33.5 and gave him a suri instead of a milli. He stood so determined on the scale that I gave him a cricket as well for him to take back to the cage to soften and eat it.

We did a short exercise and I left him. I felt gratified that he went over to the bowl to take that MM.

After I went back in again, I found the supply of millis in the holding box had to be replenished. So I took the smb2 and started to sort out some suris and millis. YS was extremely agitated making lots of sneak attacks. Then came this big attack from him on a big gravid suri in the intermediate box that I wanted to return back into smb2. In trying to foil his raid, I shifted the intermediate box, hit my elbox, and spilled a portion of it. As I was trying to recover suris , I then noticed to my horror that I left the sliding door wide open again. Escaping suris were temporary forgetten as I hastened to close that sliding door left open for 15 minutes at least.

So YS had a fine time on the floor helping to ensure escapees would not start families of suris. I hoped he got them all.

I checked the mealworms box and found finally, little mealworms in there as well now. I collected a batch of that about the size of millis.

Another training session started, and YS was happy to take the small mealworms even as he refused to take the big mealworms.

At 1 pm, the MM was weighed to be 38.5 or 0.7 gm less than in the morning. YS was at 35.3 gm

I decided I had to do my apartment perimeter now. So after lunch, I bought the mesh that I needed. Two heart dropping experiences within this week of finding I left the sliding door opened as enough for me to stir out of procrastination.

This afternoon was gym for me.

At 630 pm, the MM was at 38.4 gm and YS at 34.3 gm. That followed the normal range. If you noticed the days when YS weight is lower in late afternoon, that would be becaused I went out for the afternoon and did not train with YS or gave him the wonderful treats of millis, suris and crickets.

Later in the evening, I started to mesh my apartment.

The next phase will be the hide and seek phase, to see if YS will look for me and answer to recalls sight unseen when I am in different rooms.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

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