December 15th, 2005

Decision on Ivan and YS


This morning at 9am, the MM was at 39.4 gm, or 0.3 less than yesterday evening.
Clearly, YS was taking less of the MM. This reflected in YS weight at 33.3 gm.

As usual, we did some token exercises so he could get back to his songs. Then later, he called me back. The response for the series of exercises was very good. He did not even wait for 'come here'. As soon as his name was called, he flew over to my finger. I clenched my fist and he would land on my fist. I bend my hand inwards and he would land on my arm. I thought of being strict with him as by right, he should come only on the cue of 'come here' and not when his name was called. I just did not have the heart to do that today. The rapport was good and I decided to flow with it.

Just making my excuses for the lousy training that I was doing with him. But on the other hand, the bonding and the fun we were having made it more likely that this would be repeated as both of us enjoyed it.

I was also thinking about Ivan and YS and what transpired yesterday when I brought Ivan in with YS. I decided not to try to have any familiarity between YS and Ivan. YS showed his natural fear of cats, and that instinct had to be continued. The nightmares I had of Tinkerbell falling prey to a cat were real and I really ended up so paranoid of other cats and Tinkerbell.

If YS should accept Ivan, that would lower the guard that is presently inbuilt into YS against cats. Ivan just would have to tolerate being shut up in a spare room during the times YS would be allowed into the apartment. That also meant YS would only be allowed into the apartment for short periods. YS would not be living in with me in the way Tinkerbell did with us.

At 2 pm, the MM was weighed and it remained at 39.4 gm with no change from morning at all. From the exercises and treats of millis, crickets and suris, YS weight was at 34.2 gm. YS mash is a mix of cat food and Tinkerbell mash containing oil, fat and proteins and stuff. The YS mash is kept in small bags in freezer. The thawed bag is kept in the fridge. The Mixed Mash of YS mash and Claus and Sinlin is kept in the fridge with small quantities taken out and replenished from the fridge when so needed.

I cannot kid myself anymore that the treats I gave stuffed YS so much that he was not interested in the MM. You all have seen the records of earlier days when shortly after a rewarding training session for YS, YS would still go and eat from the MM.

My oatmeal was running out. After lunch, I bought bran as well as Quaker oats. I mixed them up to feed the millis, crickets and suris. I found the crickets loved the bran, and so did the millis. I could not see the suris but presume the suris must have loved that too.

At 615 pm, the MM was still at 39.4 gm.

I am glad I found out for sure the MM in the bowl would not be acceptable to YS after a couple of days or so. So I definately could not just leave a big quantity of MM to feed YS over the 4-5 days we would be away. While the fat, oil and proteins in YS mash were good for YS, that same fat, oil and proteins might have turned rancid after a couple of days and YS would not take that anymore.

YS weight was at 34.9, reflective of the many crickets and suris that he earned in the afternoon.

I decided to leave the MM over to the next morning when YS should be at hungriest to see if he would take any. I would then get rid of the remaining, wash the bowl and give fresh MM to YS.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .

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