December 14th, 2005

Ivan meet Yingshiong


Got up at the more usual time of about 830am.

So after breakfast and coffee, I got in with YS at 9am.

His MM was about 40.1 gm and YS was at 33.8 gm. We did a short session together until he showed he was more interested in challenging a koel in the distance. I left him until he eventually called me back.

All his responses were razor sharp. That sharpness extended most unfortunately to his avoidance from my finger trying to give him head rubs. The trying to rub his head while he was eating millis was not going too well.

He would angled his head away from the finger, and he tried to gobble as many millis as he could and as fast as he could. He then would fly back to his perch to wait for me to replenish the millis. I would have to rethink my strategy in giving him headrubs.

I had been thinking about his eventual entry into the apartment with Ivan. I thought I better start that process in the flight room.

I hunted Ivan down and got him in a tight grip and took him into the flight room. I sat on my chair with Ivan hold tightly on my lap. I remembered how Ivan lunged towards YS when I first took Ivan into the flight room about 7 weeks ago. That time, YS was still in the locked cage. This time, the cage door was wired opened.

I had noticed that YS would always challenge Ivan when the glass door and mesh separated them. YS would fly to ground level with Ivan on the other side and would make his display. Or YS would fly to the perch and scold Ivan.

At the first sight of Ivan in the flight room with me, YS immediately flew to the highest perch. YS immediately realised Ivan was now in the same area with him and he was taking no chances.

Ivan was very unhappy to be in the room and was doing his best to get back into the apartment. I think Ivan knew that YS was family and must not be hurt or played with. After all, Ivan saw me in the room often enough with YS and I am sure that Ivan could make the mental connection.

This meeting between the two was not going very well. YS was way up on high prch and Ivan squirming away trying to get out of the room. I released my grip in Ivan and slide open the door. Ivan immediately ran out and disappeared into the apartment. YS then imeediately flew to door perch and shouted at me very bravely now. YS knew I could be bullied, but he was not too sure of Ivan.

We went through the exercises again. YS got more crickets and suris than millis.

At 1 pm, the MM was at 39.9 gm and YS at 34.9 gm.

I went out for the rest of the afternoon.

Came back late in afternoon.

At 620 pm the MM was as 39.7 with YS at 34.2 gm

I could not decide if YS was taking in less MM because of the glut of crickets and suris I was treating him to. Or that the remaining MM in the bowl might not to be his liking anymore. Unlike Sinlin or Claus which can keep even in room temperature, the mash I made need to be in the freezer/fridge other than a small supply kept at room temperature.

I will see how much of the MM YS would have taken tomorrow morning


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .

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