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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Pitta appeared to be even better and further advanced touch target

I got up so early this morning that the sky was still dark. It was not Ivan with his cold nose who woke me. This time, it was the alarm clock.

My son was taking part in the marathon race today. Even if he was running the half marathon , that was enough for me and my wife to be at the finishing area to give him moral support.

The problem was that as the sky was still dark at 615 am, I could not leave the apartment as yet.

Beside, as this was my son's first half marathon, I just could not bring myself to believe that he would not be able to reach the finish by 8 am or in one and half hour even if he planned to do that. The world of reality can be different from the world as you imagine it to be.

Also, Yingshiong was still sleeping, and would only be up when there is light.

So I waited until 645am, wondering why we did not just set the alarm that much later.

Then Yinghiong woke And I could go in to place his MM at 38.8 grams. And weighed him at 32.7 grams.

I checked the pitta appeared ok, even more alert and better looking than yesterday.

Then it was time to leave the apartment to reach the Padang next to Raffles city for the completion of the marathon.

No sight of my son although there were a lot of other runners coming in. Then we got an SMS from him at 815 that he would not later than he placced.

Eventually he ran in at about 9 am, or an hour later than he thought. To be fair to him, he told me he had a fever and was not feeling well yesterday, but he recovered enough in the morning to do that marathon.

After breakfast with him and my wife Joy, we came back at about 12 noon. The MM was 38.6 and YS was at 33.0 gm. I threw the MM away and filled new MM to 39.0 grams and replaced into the cage.

I caught a few crickets and zapped them so that they remained stunned enough to be handled by me.

YS was very good with the advance touch target, moving and hopping on the stool to tt and getting his click and treats.

The pitta was then checked. The good news was that pitta was alert and lively, even more so than yesterday. The even better news was that the pitta appeared to be frightend of my presence. Making me believe that perhaps he was always a wild bird for much of his life at least. He was so tamed during the rirst and second day with me might have been him being very hungrey. Perhaps it might be safe to release the pitta as planned by the end of next week.

The pitta droppings appeared good. I added some crickets into the pitta food bowl.

I washed my hands and wet back to YS. He was on his door perch as if waiting for me.

I hold up the millis and the target stick to try to induce YS to get down to the stool.

He was eyeing the millis , but I was determined not to let him have any unti he flew down and touch target on the stool.

It took him more than 5 minutes. But he resoned and flew to the stool and tt.

I gave him a suri for that to encourage him furhter.

That first flight to tt was so difficult. But subsequantly, it got easier once he knew what was required.

YS first got used to touching the target to get his click and treat. Then he had to turn left, turn right, head up and head down to tt for this c and t.

Then he had to hop to one side of the stool, and to other side of the stool to tt and get his c and t.

Now I got him to fly to the stool to tt for his c and t. He readily accept the millis. He also patiently will wait for me to get the suri on tweezer to him. I even extract the suri very slowly to let him learn patience. He knew getting the cricket out to him is slow, but he learned to wait for his goodies.

I checked on the pitta again. His shit was good. He was getting more and more alert looking and his stance was firm. He might have been on the point of starvation when he was rescued.

I looked in on the pitta only now and then. Many times, I stood at a distance from him to observe him to satisfy myself that his improvement was real. It seemed that I need not have to worry about banging on pots and pans to induce a fear into him of man.

I worked with YS now and then that afternoon, using the target to make him fly down to the stool, and then trained with him on the stool.

YS was singing very well and very lively with the weight range of 32-34 that I seemed to have stablised the last few days.

His MM was finishing soon. I decided to create another batch of MM instead of moving on to the pure YS mash.

I now plan to take his weight range to 31 - 33 grams. If I try to lower his weight and changed to pure YS mash at the same time, I introduced too many variables too quickly and that was why I created another batch of MM.

At 6 pm, the MM was 38.4. YS was at 33.8 grams. The MM was left in his cage for him to eat in the morning before I wake up eventually.


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

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