November 30th, 2005

failure at step up onto shoulder and blur of orange


Before I went in to YS, I was having my breakfast and watching TV, and watching him from corner of my eye and listening to him. YS was singing and singing away while waiting for me to get in. That singing indicated his general health and state of mind were good. I guessed that would include his happiness too.

He continued to sing when I went in, unlike some of those days when he would give me his silent treatment and stopped his singing when I entered.

This morning the MM was 38.2 gm or 0.3 gm less then evening before.

YS weight was 33.3 gm. If he did not take the MM, it would be likely that his weight would be about 32.8 gm

With the introduction of the millis for the training, this would lead to a better food management for YS. I would like to take him down to morning weight of 32.5 gm early morning weight. From the past records, that would meant he would be about 34.0 gm by evening.

I weighed in 39.1 gm for the MM.

After the weighings, we continued to the fundamental exercises. He was alert to me and came immediately from his perch when I called ' Yingshiong, come here'. He was persuaded too by the holding of the millis container. He got his click and milli. He remained on my finger longer and longer. I would hold him close to my face and talked to him before giving another milli. He then flew back to door perch to wait for my cue. Now and then, he got a suri as well.

He flew down to the stool in front of me.

It was easier today to get 'step up' from him. It was amusing , and very gratifying , that he became more and more confident of me. First he pecked my finger, then he even tried to bite my finger as he asserted himself. The waving of the milli box reminded him training can be fun and beneficial. He stepped up on the finger and got that click and the chance to peck and eat a couple of millis.

He remained on my finger and I brought him to the stool and asked him to 'step up' on the stool. After a brief hesitation, he did that to get the click and a nice medium suri ( the big gravid suris now go back to box to make more baby suris). I got him to step up on my finger again to be c & t.

I passed him to the table to step up and he got c & t. And got him to step up on my finger.

That was why I was so delighted yesterday with that first 'step up'. I guessed it would be like this after the initial break through.

I then tried to get him to step up on my shoulder. He was ok until the finger neared my shoulder and he screamed and flew off to door perch. What can I say. But this is only the day after that initial step up.

I did not persist and switched to touch target. He was completely wonderful and he turned right, turned left, head up, head down to do his tt. And he got a couple of suris in between the millis.

I then left him to do his own thing and went back to the hall. I was gratified to see him going to his MM to eat it. In the past, he would be so stuffed with suris that he would not bother to get his MM until much later.

Later I went back in. smb 1 was getting low on suris although with lots of nice millis. I that that smb 1 should be left aside now for the suris to get on with their job or growing up and making more suris.

smb 2 was switched with smb 1. I scooped up some peatmoss from smb 2 to be delighted to see lots of big suris. There were some millis, but nowhere like that of smb 1. Smaller suris were placed in holding box and bigger suris transfered to smb 3 which was just started recently.

Now and then, I would see a nice milli in the intermediate box and hold that for YS to come and get it from pure friendship and his greed for milli. No clicker at all. I also loved his calls of delight that preceed his taking off and hovering at my finger tips to get that milli. Amd with millis, I need not worry about him getting fat and bloated.

I think his chances to graduating to the entire apartment is looking good.

I looked forward to YS in the apartment with the much bigger space. Yesterday, he revealed to me some incredible flying skills totally different from what he showed me to date. Maybe he was too fat to fly that well. Or maybe he decided to show me what flying really was.

He flew so rapidly that I could barely make out a blur of orange as he zipped through the air. He made incredible fast turns and was doing that for a few circuits of the small flight room. There were so many things hanging from ceiling such as wind chimes, light fixture, and all those perch lines. I nearly got heart attack watching him flashed in and out. None of those elegant graceful porpoise like dipping flights like Alexandrines that he did before.

He flew so rapidly that in a flash, he was gone.

What he would do in the apartment with much more space would be even more thrilling for me and for him.

At noon, the MM was 38.5 gm and YS was 34.5 gm

Later, we did two more bouts of training. I rather keep training short but often to continue to make that enjoyable for YS.

So periodically I would leave him to do my own things until he screamed for me. Then I sit with him for a while and do those exercises.

At 6 pm, his MM was 38.4 gm

YS was 34.7 gm

This time, I removed his MM.

I will find out the next morning if his weight will be 33.2 gm.

I will try to get his weight to 34.0 gm by the end of tomorrow.


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