November 27th, 2005

Yingshiong, COME HERE.

The MM remained at 38.1 gm.

I knew I was going to be out soon with my friend JC, the aficionado of fish head , who was back in town after an absence of a couple of weeks and needed my insults to keep him invigorated.

I threw away the MM and measured new MM to 38.9 gm.

YS was 33.5 gm

As you can see from yesterday's photos of YS on my hand, that is the start of the process of recall training. If your flighted bird is not going to be on your hand voluntarily for whatever reasons, you are hardly going to have the bird flying to you at cue.

So YS came to land on my hand because he is a glutton for succulent suris. That would be a more believable reason than a bird landing on you because you are such a charming person.

Later on, with the target and the clicker, that process can be tighten further. But first, that process must have a start such as the flighted bird flying to you.

After YS came on the scale, he flew back to his cage perch. I took out another suri. I looked at him eyeing his toes and I felt further lessons to accustom him landing on me would be futile.

You must match the training of your bird to his willingness for that training session. If he aint wanting to train, you will do better in doing your own thing such as finishing your nice cup of coffee or having that cigarette, or reading a book.

I called him from formality. He continued to look at his toes.

Despite his weight was 33.5 gm and he had not eaten yet (other than the whitey for getting on scale), it was clear he was not interested.

So I had my coffee. Went back to the hall to watch the news. Came back into flight room to have my ciggie.

Then he looked at me. From his body language, I could see he was ready.

So I took out the tweezer with a suri and waved it. And say, "Yingshiong, come here!"

When he saw that suri, he flew over. I then introduced my left index finger. He hovered eyeing the suri, and then reluctantly, he landed on my finger. I removed the suri from sight, so he would quieten down on my finger. And then, I raised the suri to his mouth. I removed it to lenghten the time for him to be on finger. The time when he used my finger as a transit point to grap and scoot with the treat was passed.

He needed to remain my my finger for a longer, and longer period of time.

Since he stayed on nicely on the finger to finish his suri, I took another for him before he flew back.

I gave him a couple of minutes, until his eyes were on my eyes. I hold up the suri and called "Yingshiong, come here".

Not that I thought he understood English. Or if he did, he came because I called him. He came for the suri. But I might as well get him used to the words of "come here".

Then my friend drove over and called me to go down to meet him.

We went to a nearby hawker stall to have bak kut teh, a kind of tasty pork rib soup, and succulent pork trotters, and to trade insults. My wife opted to remain at home.

It was 330 pm when I eventually got back, with a bundle of thin branches that I thought were better than the ropes and split bamboo and chopsticks that I had been using for perches.

My wife told me how her morning was. She said YS was calling and calling for me. So from the kindness of her heart, she decided to go to comfort YS. She picked up a nice whitey and offered to YS. YS flew to the highest perch to stare down at her ignoring that whitey. YS remained there on the high perch until my wife eventually got the idea that YS was not going to take the whitey at all and she left the room.

So she left the flight room. I consoled her that perhaps she did not offer the whitey with sincerity and YS therefore did not take her offer.

What else can you guess from a shama's mind? My guess would be as good as yours, and the best guess might be wrong totally. I was thinking yesterday, YS so readily accepted the treat from my wife and accepted her presence very calmly. Guess that I was around then.

I fixed myself a nice cold drink and went into flight room.

The MM was weighed to be 38.2 or a drop of 0.7 gm. YS weight was 34.1 gm

I removed the door perch of split bamboo and replaced that with thin branches. I substitue thin branch for some of the rope perches. YS sleeping perch was left alone. I got too use to YS sleeping there and I did not want to alter it for the time being.

Eventually YS settled down after those disturbances and explored those new perches. Then I saw he was ready and looking at me. I took out suri and called. In a short while, he flew over and landed on my finger.

Did a few more of that exercise. Then I left his room to do my own stuff.

I did not do any tt today.

Got back in at 6 to do weighing.

MM remained at 38.2 gm

YS was 35.2 gm


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