November 23rd, 2005

YS bargaining with me


The MM was weighed in the morning to be 38.4 gm as against 38.8 the evening before.

YS was 35.1 gm this morning.

I decided to be a bit more relaxed with YS, enjoying his company more and less focused on the clicker training. I had experimented with new batch of clickers yesterday evening. But since YS was sleeping, I did not go in to get the old clicker. But in the morning, I found the new clicker was about as loud as the old clicker. Not much point to change clicker now.

I enjoyed this more relaxed training too. No more of skewering of treats, at least for now.

I continued the clicking though, almost like conditioning the clicker. I clicked, called YS, hold up the treat, and he flew over and hovered to pick that off from my fingers. If he stayed around, he got more treats.

YS decided to set a price to standing on my finger. If I hold up a whitey with my right hand and hold my left hand as perch for him, he would hover, gave me a disgusted look as if how I dared to expect him to step up for a puny whitey , turned around rejecting the treat and flew back to his cage door perch. But if I hold up a suri, he would nicely hovered down and stepped on my finger and delicately take that suri and ate it. If he was still on the finger, he got another suri. But if the suri was a big one, he would fly back to the cage to soften it.

I had this feeling that YS was trying to train me, or that he was bargaining with me. Cheeky bugger.

I got more of that very soft singing from him as he waited for me to get the suri. I liked the medium sized suris, as he would gobble that down without going to cage to soften that.

Should I not seat on the stool, that stool was used as my leg rest. From time to time, YS got onto that stool next to my legs.

For all I know, perhaps the familiarization period with him should have been longer than the 4 weeks I used. Obviously, if YS is more familiar with me, it would be easier to train him. But then, the training is also part of familiarization as well.

The 4 weeks I thought to use came from off from the top of my head. Unfortunately, YS never told me how long that period should have been. I try to do the right thing with YS. But the problem is just what is the right thing? and no one in the world can tell.

Neither can you make use of this experiment either. Your shama will be different from YS and you got to make your own assumptions and see if your shama accepted them.

At about lunch, the MM was weighed to be 38.4 with no change.

YS weight was 36.3 gm. He had quite a few whiteys and suris.

I decided to leave the MM and not change to fresh MM. I wanted to see if YS would finish the 0.6 gm that was left.

It was a wet afternoon so I did not go out. I alternate between the flight room with YS or the PC room. At YS loud calls, I would go to see him. He then will remain quiet with soft singing or very soft chatting to me.

No touch target was attempted today, or I think for a couple more days.

I played with him on his flying to my finger. This was not a recall flight at cue from me. They were more flights to get treats but using my finger to stand on. Still that was good, for him as well as for me. He was getting more and more confident and relaxed with me. I would like to take some shots of that, except I still had to figure out how to do that. Would be a piece of cake if I have three hands, one for him to stand on, one to hold the suri, and one to take the photo. The remote function on camera required a few seconds so I could not use the tripod. In that few seconds, he would be on my finger and off into his cage before the photo could be taken.

In the evening, MM was still at 38.4 gm. YS had a lot of treats from me.

His weight was 36.0 gm.

I decided to leave the MM there for the next morning.

I would be reducing the MM later to portions that he could finish in that day, perhaps portions of 0.4 gms


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