November 21st, 2005

Preambling to target stick


Thank you.

This road is less lonely when you or others add your comments and thoughts. It is nice to have a dialogue in addition to what I report on.

As for shamas in USA, how am I going to answer you. You are there, and I am here :-) I should be the one asking you about shamas in USA.

As to relationships with creatures, I forgot to mention that even fishes do form bonds. My old friend CM has been keeping this archer fish for 4 years in his pond. Whenever he worked around that pond, he would be shot jets of water by his archer fish saying hello to him. That fish never shot at me, or at others. Quirky relationship, but that is still a relationship.


This morning, the MM was 39.3 gm with a drop of 0.2 gm from the last weighing late yesterday afternoon. YS weight was 35.0

YS readily accepted me getting up from my armchair to sit on the stool beside him while he perched on the cage door. I could even reach past him into the cage while he looked on. Then I took out the target and hold near him. He flew off to high perch.

I waited till he was down and tried again with target to send him soaring. That was kind of depressing as TT successfully was so important to so many more things. I then thought perhaps I should get a butt and try with that.

Then with the clarity of hindsight that I have shown myself to be gifted with, I thought perhaps I should introduce YS to the skewer stick first.

So I took a skewer stick and stuck a whitey to the sharp end. Then with YS on the cage door perch, I slowly went to the stool and click. I then presented the whitey on the skewer and slowly raised that whitey to YS. YS stayed, looked at me, then turned his attention to the whitey and took it off and looked at me again. I could almost hear his thoughts "Idiot, you should have done this in the first place".

He was right. I had been chasing and frightening him like the fool I was with the wand I created when I should have familiarised him with the skewer first. So I stuck another whitey for him to pluck off from the skewer. After the initial hesitation for the first few times, he so readily accepted the skewer stick. I even hesitated in removing that skewer, holding it near his beak. He showed no alarm to that. I then removed the skewer. The end was sharp and pointed, and might cause injury to YS should I try to coax him to tt that.

So in that way, he got his whiteys and suris, stuck on the tip of the wooden skewer stick and presented to him as his treats.

After the disasterous introduction of the target stick, I thought I hold that off a couple of days to let YS be seasoned to the skewer stick.

Around lunch time, the MM was weighed to be 39.2.
YS weight was 35.9

I then threw away the MM replacing that with fresh MM at 39.0 gm. That fresh MM was pre warmed to drive away the moisture.

I then left for lunch and the better part of the afternoon. I was looking for CD on Chinese flute with its high pitch almost like whistling. Went to HMV to find a bunch of crap music in what was supposed to be their classical music section. Very disappointing and so unlike the excellent selections I saw when I was living in HongKong or when I was in Taiwan. I do not care to ever step into Singapore HMV again.

I worked on YS with more treats on skewer. No problem with suri on skewer. But I missed holding the whitey by hand for YS to hover and plucked that off my fingers.

At 6pm, I weighed the MM to be 38.6 gm and was pleased to see YS had taken this. YS was weighed to be 36.0


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