November 19th, 2005

Consolidating YS behaviour with conditioned clicker

In the morning, YS dry food were weighed.

YS dry mash was 38.8 gm with no change from late afternoon before.
Claus was 36.9 gm , or 0.1 gm heavier possibly from absorbed water or inaccuracy from my earlier weighing.
Sinlin was 38.2 gm or change of 0.9 gm from late afternoon before.

Its clear that YS should a marked preference for Sinlin, perhaps from being feed that in the past.

With the conditioned clicker, getting YS weight was so much easier. I used to bribe YS with a treat to get him to the scale. He would then hopped on, moved about, and the moment he got the whitey/suri, fly back to soften them up. When he was hopping about, the very sensitive scale fluctuate about.

Now with the clicker, I point to the scale, YS flew over and got a click the moment he touched down on the scale. With the click, he was also used to a few seconds before he got his treat. So he stood and waited. The reading stabilised and his weight so easily read.

YS morning weight was 35.7 gm, bloody heavy.

From the day before, I decided to formulate a new diet for YS. I prepared a new mix of 20 grams. 60% of YS dry mash, 20% of SinLin and 20% Claus. Hopefully the flavour would be more pleasing to YS and using the mash I made for him is pleasing to me.

I called that YS mash mix or MM for short.

YS MM was weighed to be 40.1 gm (2.3 gm MM)and that was the only prepared food given.

I decided to consolidate YS behaviour as much as possible. When he landed on areas I liked such as the stool, or the perch nearby, he would get his C&T.

I mentioned earlier of YS on the scale.

The clicker was fastened to my left hand with rubber band, to make the clicker at finger tips whenever I was with YS. So if he did something I like, I could immediately click, and later give treat.

I worked also on getting him used to me in the manner I described for 18 Nov.

He was still jittery. When I moved to the stool, he might still fly up to the hanging perch or back in the cage. That was alright with me. I need to adjust myself to his willingness. He knew he got a choice. He needed more time, time I was ready to give him. That was why I needed a healthy mash for him. So if he did not get his treats, he would still get all he required from the MM.

He was more ready to let me sit next to him yesterday than today. I guess part of his moods.

I did not persist closing in on his radius of comfort. I worked on his other areas, giving him C&T when he landed on the perch nearby and on the stool.

There is no way you can force a flying bird to do what he/she does not want to do. It is trust and understanding so he/she does the things that you like him to do.

At end of day, YS MM was 39.7 gm indicating he ate some of it.

YS weight was 35.9 gm


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