November 17th, 2005

Conditioning the clicker day 5

The experiment I started yesterday got washed out, or rained in.

When I got to those bowls of Claus and Sinling that I placed on the
hanging perch next to my chair, I found water inside the bowls. There
was a storm the night before and the winds must have blown the rain into
the bowls. YS bowl was dry remaining at 39.1 gm

Yingshiong weighed in at 35.8 grams. So he must have eaten but I remained
clueless which dry food did he ate from although it wasnt from the YS dry mash.

I prepared fresh Claus at 36.4 gm and SL at 35.9 gm. YS mash remained at 39.1 gm from the previous day. No controls were set up as Claus and SL were obviously dry with little/no moisture loss as found from previous day.

I got some whiteys and to my surprise, YS was very responsive to the 4 click and treats, flying and hovering each time to take the whitey. I had not expected such enthusiam as his morning weight was so high. So perhaps he had his up and downs and good days and bad days.

He was doing so well that I click and placed a whitey on my shirt. He flew to me and then turn around to fly back to his door perch and screamed at me.

I placed the whitey on my thigh and after a few minutes he flew to my thigh to pick that up.

Then I felt so bloody guilty. I up the ante for YS which I told you should not be done. Conditioning the clicker got sidetracked into test of wills which should not been done. After all, we do have so much time to work on those later.

In fact, I thought my 'conditioning the clicker' should not even involved him flying to me. I wanted the click to be a good sound for him as you can see later when 'touch target' phase kick in later. Since I hold the treat up and click, I might have inadverntly mislead YS into thinking the click is a 'come here ' cue.

I should not have hold the treat up in sight. I should have clicked and then take the treat to give YS. I got sloppy.

Maybe I should allow him to fly to me as well. His flying was so superb and so natural and for all I know, a great pleasure for him to fly to me that I might be mean if I did not gave him the chance to do so.

I left the apartment early to avoid his calling and emotional blackmail of me to do more C&Ts to bloat him up.

Returned back at 630 pm when it was getting dark.

Weighed Claus to find it at 36.2 gm, or a drop of 0.2 gm.
Weighed SL to find it at 35.2 gm or a drop of 0.7 gm.
Weighed YS mash to find it at 38.9 gm or a drop of 0.2 gm.

So it seemed that Yingshiong ate from all of them. He was used to SL and Claus as I fed those to him before. Taufik was feeding him on SL and insects before he gave Yingshiong to me.

Yingshiong weighed in at 36.6 grams. Such an effort to get YS to 34 gm.

I took some whiteys and suris out in readiness. YS came calling and hovering in front of me to my surprise. Maybe he missed me.

He was very responsive even though his weight was so high. He turned the assumptions I made of him upside down. Or maybe I think too much. I should pay more attention instead to observations of him and what my heart tells me instead of using the useless brain of mine to think those useless assumptions.


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