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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

experiment with heated mash
YS bowl was left in from the day before. I felt that when he woke up in the morning, he might be hungry and would take some of his mash before I eventually got up.

I went straight to him even before I got my coffee.

The control weighed in at 37.2 and was same as late yesterday. YS bowl was 39.7 against yesterday of 39.8 indicating he ate some mash. His weight was 34.1

I threw away the mash in the bowls and got more from the fridge. Heck! I got well over 300 gm of YS mash if you have been following how much I made, more than a bloody year of mash for him.

This time, I thought I heat that mash a bit to drive out the moisture and so I heated that for a while in a toaster oven.

Then I had my breakfast and coffee.

YS bowl had 38.8 gm with exactly 1.0 gm with the control at 36.2 gm

Got him to fly to my finger to get his white mealworm beetles that he was more ready to do now.

At 230 pm, I weighed the control at 36.1 gm with a drop of 0.1 gm
YS bowl weighed in at 38.7 with same drop as control. That shook me. YS did not seem to have eaten from the mash. Perhaps he did not like the mash after I heated it to drive out the water. But he was so lively. His weight was 33.9 gm. And he was singing so strongly this morning like the way he did before.

At 6 pm the bowls remained at the same weight. YS remained the same weight. Maybe he did took a little bit of mash and drank water.

What was interesting today was YS waited at top of the cage door looking expectantly at me for treats. I spoke to him he must take some mash first before he get any insects from me. He then immediately flew back into his cage and perched next to his mash and looked at me. Hopped down to his drink perch and up to his mash perch a couple of times. He did not take his mash but I had this uncanny sense he seemed to understand me very well.

He got himself 4 big succulent suris and a couple of whites pushing his weight up to 34.9 gm Needless to say, he came nicely to perch on my finger for all of that.

I left YS bowl inside for him to eat from next morning.

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